In the yere that kyng Oziah dyed, I sawe also the Lorde sitting vpon an high and glorious seate, and his trayne filled the temple.
And about hym stoode Seraphims, whereof one had sixe winges, with twayne eche couered his face, with twayne his feete, and with twayne did he flee.
They cryed also eche one to another on this maner, Holy, holy, holy is the Lorde of hoastes: the whole earth is full of his glory.
And the lintels of the doore checkes moued at his crying, and the house was full of smoke.
Then sayd I, Wo is me, for I am lost, in as much as I am a man of vncleane lippes, and dwell among people that hath vncleane lippes also: for mine eyes haue seene the kyng the Lorde of hoastes.
Then flewe one of the Seraphims vnto me, hauing a hote cole in his hand, whiche he had taken from the aulter with the tongues,
And layde it vpon my mouth, and sayde: Lo, [this] hath touched thy lippes, and thine vnrighteousnesse shalbe taken away, and thy sinne forgeuen.
Also I hearde the voyce of the Lorde on this maner: whom shall I sende, and who wyll be our messenger?
Then I sayde, Here am I, sende me.
And he sayd, Go and tell this people: Heare in deede, yet vnderstande not, ye shall playnely see, and yet perceaue not.
Harden the heart of this people, stop their eares, and shut their eyes: lest they see with their eyes, heare with their eares, and vnderstande with their heartes, and conuert and be healed.
Then spake I, Lord, howe long?
He aunswered, vntill the cities be vtterly wasted without inhabiters, and the houses without men, and tyll the lande be also vtterly desolate.
For the Lorde shall put the men farre away, and [there shalbe] great waste in the middest of the lande.
Yet in it shall succeede ten kinges, and it shall returne and be afterwarde wasted: [But] as the Teyle tree and the Oke in the fall of their leaues haue yet the sappe remayning in them, [euen so] the holy seede shalbe the stay therof.