The spirite of the Lord is vpon me: for the Lord hath annoynted me, and sent me to preache good tidinges vnto the poore, that I might binde vp the wounded heartes, that I might preache deliueraunce to the captiue, and open the prison to the that are bounde:
That I might declare the acceptable yere of the Lorde, and the day of the vengeaunce of our God: that I might comfort all them that are in heauinesse:
That I might geue vnto them that mourne in Sion, that I might geue [I say] beautie in steede of asshes, ioyfull oyntment for sighing, pleasaunt rayment for an heauie minde, that they might be called trees of righteousnesse, a planting of the Lorde for hym to reioyce in.
They shall buylde the long rough wildernesse, and set vp the olde desert: they shall repayre the waste places, and suche as haue ben voyde throughout many generations.
Straungers shall stande and feede your cattell, and the altauntes shalbe your plowmen and dressers of your vines.
But ye shalbe named the priestes of the Lorde, and men shall call you the seruauntes of our God: ye shall enioy the goodes of the gentiles, and triumph in their substaunce.
For your great reproofe you shal haue double ioy, and for shame shall they haue ioy of their portion: for they shall haue double possession in their lande, and euerlasting ioy shalbe with them.
For I the Lorde whiche loue right and hate robberie (though it were offered me) shall make their workes full of faythfulnesse, and make an euerlasting couenaunt with them.
Their seede also and their generation shalbe knowen among the gentiles, and among the people: all they that see them, shall knowe that they are the hye blessed seede of the Lorde.
And therefore I am ioyfull in the Lorde, and my soule reioyceth in God: For he hath put vpon me the garment of saluation, and couered me with the mantle of righteousnesse: He shal decke me lyke a bridegrome, and as a bride that hath her apparell vpon her.
For like as the ground bringeth foorth her fruite, and as the garden shooteth foorth seede: so shall the Lorde God cause righteousnesse and prayse to floorishe foorth before all the heathen.