For Sions sake wyll I not holde my tongue, and for Hierusalems sake I wyll not ceasse, vntill their righteousnesse breake foorth as the shining light, and their saluation as a burning lampe.
Then shall the gentiles see thy righteousnesse, and all kynges thy glory: Thou shalt be named with a newe name, whiche the mouth of the Lorde shall shewe.
Thou shalt be a crowne in the hande of the Lorde, and a glorious garlande in the hande of thy God.
From this tyme foorth thou shalt neuer be called the forsaken, and thy lande shall no more be called the wildernesse: but thou shalt be called, My pleasure is in her, and thy lande shalbe called, The maried woman: for the Lorde loueth thee, and thy land shalbe ioyned in mariage.
And lyke as a young man taketh a virgin to mariage, so shal thy sonnes be maried vnto thee: and as a bridegrome is glad of his bride, so shall thy God reioyce ouer thee.
I haue set watchmen vpon thy walles O Hierusalem, which shall neither ceasse day nor night to preache the Lorde: and ye also that remember the Lorde, ye shall not kepe him close,
Nor leaue to speake of him, vntill Hierusalem be set vp, and made the prayse of the worlde.
The Lorde hath sworne by his right hand and by his strong arme, that from hencefoorth he wyll not geue thy corne to be meate for thyne enemies, nor thy vine wherein thou hast laboured, to be drinke for the straungers.
But they that haue gathered in the corne, shall eate it, and geue thankes to the Lorde: and they that haue borne in the vine, shall drinke it in the court of my sanctuarie.
Go you, go you thorowe the gates, make cleane the way for the people, make playne, make playne the foote path, and take away the stones out of it, and set out a token for the people.
Beholde, the Lorde proclaymeth vnto the endes of the worlde, tell the daughter Sion, See thy sauiour commeth, beholde he bringeth his recompence with hym, and his worke go before hym.
For they whom the Lorde deliuereth, shalbe called the holy people: and as for thee, thou shalt be named the greatlye occupied, and not the forsaken citie.