From whence cometh warre and fightyng among you?
come they not here hence, euen of your lustes that fight in your members?
Ye lust, and haue not: Ye enuie, and haue indignation, and can not obtayne: Ye fyght and warre, ye haue not, because ye aske not.
Ye aske and receaue not, because ye aske amisse, euen to consume it vpon your lustes.
Ye adulterers & adultresses, knowe you not howe that the frendship of the world is enmitie with God?
Whosoeuer therfore wylbe a friende of the worlde, is made the enemie of God.
Either do ye thynke that the scripture sayth in vayne, the spirite that dwelleth in vs, lusteth after enuie?
But [the scripture] offereth more grace, and therefore sayth, God resisteth the proude, but geueth grace vnto ye lowlie.
Submit your selues therfore to God: but resist the deuyll, and he wyll flee from you.
Drawe nye to God, and he wyll drawe nye to you.
Clense your handes ye sinners, and purifie your heartes ye double mynded.
Suffer afflictions, and mourne, and weepe: Let your laughter be turned to mournyng, and your ioy to heauinesse.
Humble your selues in the sight of the Lorde, and he shall lyft you vp.
Backbite not one another brethren.
He that backbiteth his brother, and he that iudgeth his brother, backbiteth ye lawe, and iudgeth the lawe: But and yf thou iudge the lawe, thou art not an obseruer of the lawe, but a iudge.
There is one lawe geuer, which is able to saue and to destroy.
What art thou that iudgest another?
Go to nowe ye that say, to day and to morowe let vs go into such a citie, and continue there a yere, and bye and sell, and wynne:
And yet can not ye tel what shall happen on the morowe.
For what thyng is your lyfe?
It is euen a vapour, that appeareth for a litle tyme, and then he vanisheth away.
For that ye ought to say: If the Lorde wyll, and yf we lyue, let vs do this or that.
But now ye reioyce in your boastinges: All such reioycyng is euyll.
Therfore to hym that knoweth howe to do good, and doth it not, to hym it is sinne.