These are the wordes that the Lord sheweth vnto Ieremie, saying:
Thus saith the Lorde God of Israel: Write vp diligently all the wordes that I haue spoken vnto thee in a booke.
For lo, the tyme commeth saith the Lorde, that I wyll bryng agayne the prisoners of my people of Israel and Iuda saith the Lorde: for I wyll restore them vnto the lande that I gaue to their fathers, and they shall haue it in possession.
Agayne, these wordes spake the Lord concernyng Israel and Iuda,
Thus saith the Lorde, We haue heard a terrible crye, feare and disquietnesse.
For what els doth this signifie that I see?
[namely] that all strong men smite euery man his hande vpon his loynes, as a woman in the payne of her trauayle: Who euer sawe a man trauayle with childe?
Enquire therafter and see, yea all their faces are marueylous pale.
Alas for this day, which is so dreadfull that none may be likened vnto it, and alas for the tyme of Iacobs trouble, from the which he shal yet be deliuered.
For in that day saith the Lorde of hoastes, I wyll take his yoke from of thy necke, and breake thy bondes, and straungers shall no more haue dominion ouer them:
But they shall do seruice vnto God their Lorde, and to Dauid their kyng whom I wyll rayse vp vnto them.
And as for thee O my seruaunt Iacob, feare not saith the Lorde, and be not afrayde O Israel: For lo, I wyll helpe thee also from farre, and thy seede from the lande of their captiuitie: And Iacob shall turne agayne, he shalbe in rest, and haue a prosperous lyfe, and no man shall make hym afrayde:
For I am with thee to helpe thee, saith the Lorde: And though I shall destroy all the people among whom I haue scattered thee, yet wyll I not destroy thee, but correct thee, and that with descretion: for I wyll not vtterly destroy thee.
Therfore thus saith the Lorde, Thy brosinges are perilous, & thy woundes redy to cast thee into sicknesse.
There is no man to meddle with thy cause, or to lay plaster vpon thee, or to bynde vp thy woundes to heale thee.
All thy louers haue forgotten thee, and care nothyng for thee: for I haue geuen thee a cruell stroke, and chastened thee roughly, and that for the multitude of thy misdeedes: for thy sinnes haue had the ouer hande.
Why makest thou mone for thy harme?
In deede thou art sore wounded and in ieopardie: but for the multitude of thy misdeedes and sinnes I haue done this vnto thee.
And therfore all they that deuour thee, shalbe deuoured, and all thine enemies shalbe led into captiuitie: all they that make thee waste, shalbe wasted them selues, and all those that rob thee, wyll I make also to be robbed.
For I wyll geue thee thy health agayne, and make thy woundes whole saith the Lorde, because they reuiled thee, as one cast away and dispised: Sion [sayde they] is she whom no man regardeth.
For thus saith the Lorde, Beholde I wyll bryng agayne the captiuitie of Iacobs tentes, and defende his dwellyng place: the citie shalbe builded in her olde estate, and the houses shall haue their ryght foundation.
And out of them shal go thankesgeuing and the voyce of ioy: I wyll multiplie them, and they shal not be fewe, I shall endue them with honour, and no man shall subdue them.
Their children shalbe as aforetyme, and their congregation shall continue in my syght: and all those that vexe them wyll I visite.
A captayne also shall come of them, and a prince shall spryng out from the middest of them, hym wyll I chalenge to my selfe, and he shall come vnto me: For what is he that geueth ouer his heart to come vnto me, saith the Lorde?
Ye shalbe my people also, and I wyll be your God.
Beholde, on the other syde shall the wrath of the Lorde breake out as a stormie water, as a myghtie whirle wynde, and shall fall vpon the heades of the vngodly.
The terrible displeasure of the Lorde shall not leaue of, vntyll he haue done and perfourmed the intent of his heart, which in the latter dayes ye shall vnderstande.