Nowe when the citie of Hierusalem was taken (for in the ninth yere of Zedekia kyng of Iuda, the tenth moneth, came Nabuchodonozor the kyng of Babylon and all his hoast, and besieged Hierusalem, and fought agaynst it,
And in the eleuenth yere of Zedekia, in the fourth moneth, the ninth day of the moneth, he brake into the citie)
Then all the princes of the kyng of Babylon came in and sate them downe vnder the port: Neregel, Sarezer, Samgarnebo, Sarsachim, Rabsaris, Neregel, Sarezer, Rabmag, with all the other princes of the king of Babylo.
And when Zedekia the kyng of Iuda with his souldiers sawe them, then they fled and departed out of the citie by nyght through the kynges garden, and through the port that is betweene the two walles, and so the kyng went towarde the wildernesse:
But the Chaldees hoast folowed fast after them, and toke Zedekia in the fielde of Hiericho, and brought hym prisoner to Nabuchodonozor the kyng of Babylon, vnto Reblath, that lyeth in the lande of Hemath, where he gaue iudgement vpon hym.
So the kyng of Babylon caused the children of Zedekia and all the nobles of Iuda to be slayne before his face at Reblath,
And made Zedekias eyes to be put out, and bounde him with two chaines, and sent hym to Babylon.
Moreouer, the Chaldees burnt vp the kynges palace, with the other houses of the people, and brake downe the walles of Hierusalem.
As for the remnaunt of the people that were in the citie, and such as were come to hym, and whatsoeuer was left of the common sort, Nabuzaradan the chiefe captayne caryed them to Babylon.
But Nabuzaradan the chiefe captaine let the rascall people and those that had nothyng, dwell styll in the lande of Iuda, and gaue them vineyardes and corne fieldes at the same tyme.
Nabuchodonozor also the kyng of Babylon, gaue Nabuzaradan the chiefe captayne a charge concerning Ieremie, saying:
Take and cherishe hym, and make much of him, see thou do him no harme, but entreate hym after his owne desire.
So Nabuzaradan the chiefe captayne, Nabuzarban, Rabsares, Neregal, Sarezer, Rabmag, and all the kyng of Babylons lordes, sent for Ieremie,
And caused hym to be set out of the fore entrie of the prison, and committed hym vnto Gedaliah the sonne of Ahikam, the sonne of Saphan, that he shoulde cary hym home: and so he dwelt among the people.
Nowe when Ieremie lay yet bounde in the fore entrie of the prison, the worde of the Lorde came vnto hym, saying:
Go and tell Abedmelech the Morian, thus saith the Lorde of hoastes the God of Israel: Beholde, the cruell and sharpe plague that I haue deuised for this citie wyll I bring vpon them, that thou shalt see it:
But I wyll deliuer thee in that day saith the Lorde, & thou shalt not come in the handes of those men whom thou fearest:
For doubtlesse I wyll saue thee, so that thou shalt not perishe with the sworde: but thy lyfe shalbe saued, and that because thou hast put thy trust in me, saith the Lorde.