These are the wordes that the Lorde spake vnto Ieremie the prophete against the Philistines, before that Pharao smote [the citie of] Azah.
Thus saith the Lorde: Beholde, there shal waters arise out of the north, and shall growe to a great fludde, running ouer & couering the lande and all that is therin, the cities and them that dwel therin: and the men shal crye, & all they that dwel in the land shal mourne
At the noyse and stamping of their strong barbed horses, at the shaking of their charrets, and at the rumbling of the wheeles: the fathers shall not looke to their chyldren, so feeble and weerie shall their handes be,
At the same tyme when he shalbe there to destroy the whole lande of the Philistines, he shall make waste both Tyrus, Sidon, and the residue of their ayde: for the Lorde wyll destroy the Philistines, the remnaunt of the Ile of Caphtor.
Baldnesse is come vpon Azah, Ascalon is put to scilence, with the rest of their valleys: Howe long wylt thou teare thy selfe?
O thou sworde of the Lorde, howe long wylt thou not ceasse?
Turne againe into thy sheath, rest, and leaue of.
But how can it ceasse, when the Lord him selfe hath geuen it a charge against Ascalon, and raysed it vp against the cities of the sea coast?