When Iesus had spoken these wordes, he went forth with his disciples ouer the brooke Cedron, where was a garden, into the whiche he entred, & his disciples.
Iudas also whiche betrayed hym, knewe the place?
For Iesus oft tymes resorted thyther, with his disciples.
Iudas then, after he had receaued a bande of men, and officers of the hye priestes & pharisees, came thyther with lanternes, and torches, and weapons.
And Iesus, knowing all thinges that shoulde come on hym, went foorth, and sayde vnto them, whom seke ye?
They aunswered him: Iesus of Nazareth.
Iesus sayth vnto them, I am he.
Iudas also whiche betrayed hym, stoode with them.
Assoone then as he sayde vnto them I am he, they went backewarde, & fell to the grounde.
Then asked he them agayne, whom seke ye?
They said: Iesus of Nazareth.
Iesus aunswered, I haue tolde you that I am he: Yf ye seke me therefore, let these go their way.
That the saying myght be fulfylled which he spake: Of them which thou gauest me, haue I not lost one.
Then Simon Peter, hauing a sword, drewe it, and smote the hye priestes seruaunt, and cut of his ryght eare.
The seruauntes name was Malchus.
Therefore sayth Iesus vnto Peter, Put vp thy sworde into the sheathe: shall I not drynke of the cuppe whiche my father hath geuen me?
Then the companie, and the capitaine, and officers of the Iewes, toke Iesus, and bounde hym,
And led hym away to Annas first, (for he was father in lawe vnto Caiaphas,) which was ye hye priest that same yere: [And Annas sent Christe bounde vnto Caiaphas the hye priest.]
Caiaphas was he which gaue councell to the Iewes, that it was expediet that one man should dye for the people.
And Simon Peter folowed Iesus, and so did another disciple.
That disciple was knowen vnto the hye priest, & went in with Iesus into the palace of the hye priest.
But Peter stoode at the doore without.
Then went out that other disciple which was knowen vnto the hye priest, and spake vnto the damosell that kept the doore, and brought in Peter.
Then saide the damosell, that kept the doore, vnto Peter: Art not thou also one of this mans disciples?
He sayde, I am not.
The seruauntes and officers stoode there, which had made a fire of coales, (for it was colde) and they warmed the selues.
Peter also stoode among them, and warmed hym.
The hye priest then asked Iesus of his disciples, and of his doctrine.
Iesus aunswered him: I spake openly to the worlde, I euer taught in the synagogue, and in the temple, whyther all the Iewes resort, & in secrete haue I sayde nothyng.
Why askest thou me?
Aske the which hearde me, what I haue sayd vnto the: Beholde, they can tell what I sayde.
When he had thus spoken, one of the officers whiche stoode by, smote Iesus [with a rod] saying: Aunswerest thou the hye priest so?
Iesus aunswered hym, Yf I haue euyl spoken, beare witnesse of the euyl: But yf I haue well spoken, why smytest thou me?
Nowe Annas had sent hym bounde vnto Caiaphas the hye priest.
Simon Peter stoode & warmed hym selfe.
Then sayde they vnto hym: Art not thou also one of his disciples?
He denyed it, and sayde, I am not.
One of the seruautes of ye hye priestes, (his cosin whose eare Peter smote of) sayde vnto hym: Dyd not I see thee in the garden with hym?
Peter therefore denyed againe: And immediatly the Cocke crewe.
Then led they Iesus fro Caiaphas into the hall of iudgement.
It was in the mornyng: And they them selues went not into the iudgement hall, leste they shoulde be defyled: but that they myght eate the Passouer.
Pilate then went out vnto them, and said: What accusatio bryng you against this man?
They aunswered, and said vnto him: Yf he were not an euyll doer, we would not haue deliuered hym vnto thee.
Then sayde Pilate vnto them: Take ye him, and iudge him after your owne lawe.
The Iewes therfore sayde vnto hym: It is not lawfull for vs to put any man to death.
That the wordes of Iesus myght be fulfylled, whiche he spake, signifiyng what death he shoulde dye.
Then Pilate entred into the iudgement hall againe, and called Iesus, and sayde vnto hym: Art thou the kyng of the Iewes?
Iesus aunswered: Sayest thou that of thy selfe, or did other tell it thee of me?
Pilate aunswered: am I a Iewe?
Thyne owne nation & hye priestes haue deliuered thee vnto me, what hast thou done?
Iesus aunswered: My kyngdome is not of this worlde.
Yf my kyngdome were of this worlde, then woulde my seruauntes surely fyght, that I shoulde not be deliuered to the Iewes: but now is my kyngdome not from hence.
Pilate therfore sayde vnto hym: Art thou a kyng then?
Iesus aunswered: Thou sayest that I am a king.
For this cause am I borne, & for this cause came I into the worlde, that I should beare witnesse vnto the trueth: And all that are of the trueth, heare my voyce.
Pilate sayde vnto him: What [thyng] is trueth?
And when he had sayde this, he went out agayne vnto the Iewes, & sayth vnto them, I fynde in hym no cause at all.
Ye haue a custome, that I shoulde deliuer you one loose at ye Passouer: Wyll ye that I loose vnto you the kyng of the Iewes?
Then cryed they all agayne, saying: Not hym, but Barabbas.
This Barabbas was a robber.