Man that is borne of woman, hath but a short time to lyue, and is full of miserie.
He commeth vp, and is cut downe like a floure: He fleeth as it were a shadow, and neuer continueth in one state.
Doest thou open thyne eyes vpon such one, and bringest me into thy iudgement?
Who can make it cleane that commeth of an vncleane thing?
no bodye.
The dayes of man surely are determined, the number of his monethes are knowen onely vnto thee, thou hast appoynted him his bondes which he can not go beyonde.
Go from him, that he may rest vntill his day come which he loketh for, lyke as an hireling doth.
For if a tree be cut downe, there is some hope yet that it wyll sproute and shoote foorth the braunches againe.
Though the roote of it be waxen olde, and the stocke thereof be dead in the grounde:
Yet when it getteth the sent of water, it wyll budde and bring foorth bowes, lyke as a tree that is planted.
But as for man, when he is dead, perished, and consumed away, what becommeth of him?
As the waters passe from the sea, and as the flood decayeth and dryeth vp:
So man after he is asleepe ryseth not, he shall not wake tyll the heauens be no more, nor rise out of his sleepe.
O that thou wouldest hide me in the graue, & keepe me secret vntyl thy wrath were past, and to appoynt me a time wherein thou mightest remember me.
May a dead man lyue againe?
All the dayes of my lyfe wyll I wayte still, till my chaunging shall come.
Thou shalt call [me] and I shall aunswere thee, despise not thou the worke of thyne owne handes.
For now thou numbrest all my goinges, and geuest no delay vnto my sinne.
Myne iniquitie is sealed vp as it were in a bagge, and thou addest [punishement] vnto my wickednesse.
The mountaines fal away at the last, the rockes are remoued out of their place.
The waters pearse through the very stones by litle & litle, the floodes washe away the grauell and earth: so shalt thou destroy the hope of man.
Thou preuaylest still against him, so that he passeth away: thou chaungest his estate and puttest him from thee.
And whether his children come to worship or no, he can not tell: And if they be men of lowe degree, he knoweth not.
But while his fleshe is vpon him, it must haue sorowe: and his soule shall mourne within him.