And the worde of the Lorde came vnto Ionas the second time, saying:
Aryse, and go to Niniue that great citie, and preache against it the preaching which I speake vnto thee.
So Ionas arose, and went to Niniue according to the word of the Lord (Niniue was a great citie and excellent, of three dayes iourney.)
And Ionas began to enter into the citie a dayes iourney, and he cryed & saide: Yet fourtie dayes, & Niniue shalbe destroyed.
And the men of Niniue beleued God, and proclaymed a fast, and put on sackecloth from the greatest of them to the leaste of them.
And worde came vnto the king of Niniue: which arose from his throne, and put of his robe, and couered him selfe with sackcloth, & sate downe in asshes.
And he caused a cryer to crye, and say through the citie by the counsell of the king & his nobles, Let neither man nor beast, bullocke nor sheepe, taste ought at all, neither feede, nor drinke water.
And let both man & beast put on sackcloth, and crye mightyly vnto God: yea let euery man turne from his euill way, and from the wickednesse that is in his handes.
Who can tel whether God wyl turne and be moued with repentaunce, and turne from his fierce wrath, that we perishe not?
And God sawe their workes, that they turned from their euil wayes, and he repented of the euill that he saide he woulde do vnto them, and did it not.