And when Iabin king of Hazor had hearde those thinges, he sent to Iobab king of Madon, and to the king of Sunron, & to the king of Achsaph,
And vnto the kinges that were by the north in the mountaynes and playnes towarde the southside of Ceneroth, & in the lowe countreys, and in the borders of Dor westwarde,
And vnto the Chanaanites both by east and west, and vnto the Amorites, Hethites, Pherezites, and Iebusites in the mountaines, and vnto the Heuites that were vnder Hermon in the lande of Mispah:
And they came out, & all their hoastes with them, a multitude of folke, euen as the sande that is on the sea shore, in a great number, with horses and charettes exceeding many.
And all these kinges met together, and came & pitched together at the waters of Merom, for to fight against Israel.
And the Lord sayde vnto Iosuah, Be not afrayde at the presence of them: for to morow about this time will I deliuer them all slayne before Israel: thou shalt hough their horses, and burne their charettes with fire.
And so Iosuah came, and all the men of warre with him against them by the waters of Merom, and sodenly fell vpon them.
And the Lorde deliuered them into the hande of Israel, and they smote them, and chased them vnto great Sidon, & vnto Misrephothmaim, & vnto the valley of Mispah whiche is eastward: and smote them, vntill they had none remaining of them.
And Iosuah dyd vnto them as the Lorde bad him: he houghed their horses, and burnt their charettes with fire.
And Iosuah at that time turned back, and toke Hazor, & smote the king therof with the sworde: And Hazor before time was the head of all those kingdomes.
And they smote all the soules that were therin with ye edge of the sworde, vtterly destroying al, and nothing that breathed, was let remaine: And he burnt Hazor with fire.
And all the cities of those kinges, and all the kinges of them did Iosuah take, and smote them with the edge of the sworde, and vtterly destroyed them, as Moyses the seruaunt of the Lord commaunded.
But Israel burnt none of the cities that stoode still in their strength, saue Hazor only that Iosuah burnt.
And all the spoyle of the sayde cities & the cattel, the children of Israel caught vnto them selues: But euery ma they smote with the edge of the sword, vntill they had destroyed them, neither left they ought that had breath.
As the Lorde commaunded Moyses his seruaunt, so did Moyses comaunde Iosuah, and euen so did Iosuah: so that he minisshed no worde of all that the Lorde commaunded Moyses.
And so Iosuah toke all that lande of the hilles, and al the south countrey, and all the lande of Gosan, and the lowe countrey, & the playne, and the mountayne of Israel, and the lowe countrey of the same:
Euen from the mount Halak, that goeth vp to Seir, vnto Baal Gad in the valley of Libanon, vnder mount Hermon: And all the kinges of the same he toke, and smote them, and slewe them.
Iosuah made warre long time with those kinges:
Neither was there any citie that made peace with the children of Israel, saue those Hethites that inhabited Gibeon, and therfore all other they toke with battayle:
For it came of the Lorde, whiche dyd harden their heartes that they should come against Israel in battell, and that they shoulde destroy them vtterly, and shew them no mercy: but to bring them to naught, as the Lorde commaunded Moyses.
And that same season came Iosuah & destroyed the Anakims out of the moutaynes: as out of Hebron, Dabir, Anab, and out of al the mountaynes of Iuda, and out of all the mountaynes of Israel: And Iosuah destroyed them vtterly, with their cities.
There was not one Anakim left in the lande of the children of Israel: only in Asah, Gath, and Asdod, there remayned of them.
And Iosuah toke the whole lande, according to all that the Lorde sayde vnto Moyses, and Iosuah gaue it for a possession vnto Israel according to their partes and tribes: and the lande rested from warre.