And these are the countreis which the childre of Israel inherited in the lande of Chanaan, which Eleazer the priest, and Iosuah the sonne of Nun, and the auncient heades of the tribes of the children of Israel distributed to them:
By lot they receaued their possessions, as the Lord commaunded by the hand of Moyses, to geue vnto the nine tribes, and vnto the halfe tribe.
For Moyses had geue inheritaunce vnto two tribes & an halfe, on the other syde Iordane: But vnto the Leuites he gaue none inheritaunce among the.
For the children of Ioseph were two tribes, Manasses and Ephraim: And therfore they gaue no parte vnto the Leuites in the land, saue cities to dwell in, with the suburbes of the same, for their beastes and cattel.
As the Lord commaunded Moyses: euen so the children of Israel dyd, when they deuided the lande.
And the children of Iuda came vnto Iosuah in Gilgal: And Caleb the sonne of Iephune the Kenesite sayde vnto him: Thou wottest what ye Lorde sayd vnto Moyses the man of God about me and thee in Cades Barnea.
Fourtie yeres olde was I whe Moyses the seruaunt of the Lorde sent me from Cades Barnea to espie out the land: and I brought him worde againe euen as it was in myne hearte.
Neuerthelesse, my brethre that went vp with me, discouraged the hearte of the people: And I folowed the Lorde my God.
And Moyses sware the same day, saying: The lande wheron thy feete haue troden, shalbe thyne inheritaunce and thy childrens for euer, because thou hast folowed the Lorde my God.
And behold, the Lorde hath kept me aliue as he sayde this fourtie and fyue yeres, euen sence the Lorde spake this worde vnto Moyses, whyle the children of Israel wandred in the wildernesse: And nowe lo, I am this day fourscore and fyue yeres olde:
And yet am as strong at this time, as I was when Moyses sent me: Loke howe strong I was then, so strong am I nowe, eyther for warre, or for gouernment.
Nowe therfore geue me this mountaine wherof the lorde spake in that day (for thou heardest in that day, howe the Anakims were there, and the cities great and walled,) If the Lorde will be with me, and I shalbe able to dryue them out, as the Lorde sayde.
And Iosuah blessed him, and gaue vnto Caleb the sonne of Iephune, Hebron to inherite.
And Hebron therfore became the inheritaunce of Caleb ye sonne of Iephune the Kenesite, vnto this day: because he folowed constantly the Lorde God of Israel.
And the name of Hebron was called in old time, Kiriath Arba, which [Irba] was a great man among the Enekims: And the lande ceassed from warre.