And the whole congregation of the children of Israel came together at Silo, and set vp the tabernacle of the congregation there, after the land was in subiection before them.
And there remained among the children of Israel seuen tribes, which had not yet receaued their enheritaunce.
And Iosuah sayde vnto the children of Israel: Howe long are ye so slacke to come and possesse the lande whiche the Lord God of your fathers hath geuen you?
Geue out from among you for euery tribe three men, that I may sende them: and that they may ryse, and walke through the lande, and distribute it accordyng to the inheritaunce therof, & come againe to me.
And let them deuide it vnto them into seuen partes: And (Iuda shall abide in their coast on the south, and the house of Ioseph shall stande in their coastes on the north.)
Describe ye the lande therfore into seuen partes, and bryng the description hyther to me: and I shall cast lottes for you here before the Lord our God.
But the Leuites haue no part among you, for the priesthood of the Lorde is their inheritaunce: And Gad, and Ruben, and halfe the tribe of Manasses, haue receaued their inheritaunce beyond Iordan eastward, which Moyses the seruaunt of the Lord gaue them.
And the men arose, and went their waye: And Iosuah charged them that went to describe the lande, saying: Depart, and go through the lande, and describe it, and come againe to me, that I may here cast lottes for you before the Lorde in Silo.
And the men departed, and walked through the lande, and described it by cities into seuen partes in a booke, and returned to Iosuah into ye hoast at Silo.
And Iosuah cast lottes for them in Silo before the Lorde: & there Iosuah diuided the lande vnto the children of Israel, to eche their portion.
And the lot of the tribe of the children of Beniamin came vp according to their kinredes: And the coast of their lot came betweene the children of Iuda, and the children of Ioseph.
And their north coast was from Iordane, & went vp to the side of Iericho on the north side, and went vp through the mountaines westwarde, and they ended at the wildernesse of Bethauen.
And went from thence toward Luz, euen to the south side of Luz (the same is Bethel) & descended againe to Ataroth Adar, vnto the hyll that lyeth on the south side of ye neather Bethhoron.
And the coast turneth thence, & compasseth the corner of the sea southward, euen from the hyll that lyeth before Bethhoron southward, and goeth out at Kiriathbaal (which is Kiriath Iarim) a citie of the childre of Iuda: This is the west quarter.
And the south coast goeth from the ende of Kiriathiarim, and goeth out westwarde, and thence it turneth to the well of waters of Nephthoah,
And commeth downe againe to the end of the hyll that lyeth before the valley of the sonne of Hennom, euen in the valley of the giauntes northwarde, and descendeth into the valley of Hennom beside Iebusi southward, & goeth downe to the well of Rogel,
And compasseth from the north, and goeth foorth to En shemesh, and departeth from thence to the places of Geliloth, whiche are towarde the going vp vnto Adommim: and goeth downe to the stone of Bohan the sonne of Ruben.
And then goeth along toward the side of the plaine northward, and goeth downe into the fieldes.
And goeth along to the syde of Bethhagla northwarde, and endureth the poynt of the salt sea north therefrom, [euen] at the south ende of Iordane: This is the south coast.
And Iordane kepeth in this coast on the east syde: And this is the inheritaunce of the chyldren of Beniamin by their coastes rounde about, throughout their kinredes.
These were the cities of the tribes of the chyldren of Beniamin throughout their kinredes: Iericho, Bethhagla, and the plaine of Casis.
Betharabah, Samaraim, and Bethel.
Auim, Parah, and Ophrah,
Haamonai, Ophni, & Gaba, twelue cities with their villages.
Gabaon, Ramah, Beeroth,
Mispeh, Chephirah, and Mosah,
Recem, Iarephel, and Tharela,
Sela, Eleph, and Iebusi (which is Hierusalem) Gibath, and Ciriath, fourteene cities with their villages.
This is the inheritaunce of the chyldren of Beniamin throughout their kinredes.