O howe is the golde become so dimme?
howe is the most fine golde so sore chaunged?
and the stones of the sanctuarie thus scattered in the corner of euery streete?
The chyldren of Sion that were alway in honour, and clothed with the most precious golde: howe are they nowe become lyke the earthen vessels, whiche be made with the potters hande?
The dragons geue their young ones sucke with bare brestes: but the daughter of my people is cruel, like the Estriches in the wildernesse.
The tongues of the sucking chyldren cleaue to the roofe of their mouthes for very thyrst: the young chyldren aske bread, but there is no man that geueth it them.
They that were wont to fare delicatelye perishe in the streetes: they that afore were brought vp in purple, make nowe muche of doung.
The sinne of the daughter of my people, is become greater then the wickednesse of Sodome, that sodaynely was destroyed, and not taken with handes.
Her abstayners were whyter then the snowe or milke, their colour was freshe, red as corall, their beautie like the Saphire.
But nowe their faces be very blacke, insomuche that thou shouldest not knowe them in the streetes: their skinne cleaueth to their bones, it is withered and become like a drye stocke.
They that be slayne with the sworde, are happier then such as dye of hunger, and perishe away famishing for the fruites of the fielde.
The women (whiche of nature are pitifull) haue sodden their owne chyldren with their hands, that they might be their meate in the miserable destruction of the daughter of my people.
The Lorde hath perfourmed his heauie wrath, he hath powred out the furiousnesse of his displeasure: he hath kindeled a fire in Sion, which hath consumed the foundations therof.
Neither the kynges of the earth, nor all the inhabitours of the world, would haue beleued that the enemie and aduersarie shoulde haue come in at the gates of the citie of Hierusalem.
Whiche neuerthelesse is come to passe for the sinne of her prophetes, and for the wickednesse of her priestes, that haue shed innocents blood within her.
As blinde men went, they stumbling in the streetes, and stayned them selues with blood, insomuch that the heathen woulde in no wyse touche their garmentes.
But they cryed vnto them, flee ye polluted, away, get you hence, touche not: for they are vncleane and be remoued, yea they haue said among the heathen, they shall no more dwell in this citie.
The countenaunce of the Lorde hath banished them, and shall neuer looke more vpon them: for they them selues neither regarded the priestes, nor pitied their elders.
Wherefore yet our eyes fayled vs, whyles we looked for our vayne helpe, seeing we euer wayted vpon a people that coulde do vs no good.
They lay so sharpe wayte for vs, that we can not go safe vpon the streetes, for our ende is come, our dayes are fulfilled, our ende is here.
Our persecutours are swifter then the Egles of the ayre: they folowed vppon vs ouer the mountaynes, and layde wayte for vs in the wyldernesse.
The very breath of our mouth, euen the annointed of the Lorde hym selfe, was taken in their net, of whom we say, Under his shadowe we shalbe preserued among the heathen.
And thou O daughter Edom that dwellest in the land of Huz, be glad and reioyce, for the cup shall come vnto thee also, thou shalt be dronken, and discouer thy nakednesse.
Thy sinnes are wel punished O thou daughter Sion, he shall not suffer thee to be caried away: but thy wickednesse O daughter Edom shall he visite, and wyll discouer thy sinnes.