And the Lorde spake vnto Moyses, saying:
Speake vnto all the congregation of ye chyldren of Israel, and say vnto them: Ye shalbe holy, for I the Lorde your God am holy.
Ye shall feare euery man his mother and his father, & kepe my Sabbathes: I am the Lorde your God.
Ye shal not looke vnto idols, nor make you moulten goddes: I am the Lorde your God.
If ye offer a peace offering vnto the Lorde, ye shall offer it at your pleasure.
It shalbe eaten the same day ye offer it, and on the morowe: And if ought remayne vntyll the thirde day, it shalbe burnt in the fire.
And if it be eaten the thirde day, it is vncleane, and not accepted.
Therfore he that eateth it, shall beare his sinne, because he hath defiled the halowed thing of the Lord, and that soule shalbe cut of from among his people.
When ye reape the haruest of your land, thou shalt not thorowly reape the corners of the fielde, neither shalt thou gather the gleaninges of thy haruest.
Thou shalt not dishonest thy vineyarde, neither gather in thorowly the grapes of thy vineyarde, but thou shalt leaue them for the poore and straunger: I am the Lorde your God.
Ye shall not steale, neither deale falselye, neither lye one to another.
Ye shall not sweare by my name falsely, neither shalt thou defile the name of thy God: I am the Lorde.
Thou shalt not do thy neighbour wrong, neither rob hym, neither shall the workmans hyre abyde with thee vntyll the mornyng.
Thou shalt not despise the deafe, neither put a stumblyng blocke before the blynde, but shalt feare thy God: I am the Lorde.
Ye shall do no vnrighteousnesse in iudgement, thou shalt not fauour the person poore, nor honour the person mightie, but in righteousnes shalt thou iudge thy neighbour.
Thou shalt not go vp and downe with tales among thy people, neither shalt thou stande agaynst the blood of thy neighbour: I am the Lorde.
Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thyne heart, but shalt in any wyse rebuke thy neighbour, & suffer not sinne vpon hym.
Thou shalt not auenge nor wayte to do displeasure agaynst the chyldren of thy people, but shalt loue thy neighbour euen as thy selfe: I am the Lorde.
Ye shal kepe mine ordinaunces.
Thou shalt not let cattell gender with a contrary kinde, neither sow thy fielde with mingled seede, neither shalt thou put on any mingled garment of linnen and wollen.
Whosoeuer lieth and medleth with a woman that is a bondmayde betrothed to a husbande, but not redeemed, nor freedome geue her, she shalbe scourged, [but] they shall not dye, because she was not free.
And he shall bryng for his trespasse vnto the Lorde, before the doore of the tabernacle of ye congregation, a Ramme for a trespasse offering.
And the priest shall make an attonement for hym with the Ramme which is for the trespasse before the Lord, concernyng his sinne whiche he hath done: and the sinne which he hath done, shalbe forgeuen him.
When ye come to the lande, and haue planted all maner of trees conuenient to be eaten of, ye shall counte the fruite thereof as vncircumcized: euen three yere shall they be vncircumcized vnto you, and shall not be eaten of.
But in the fourth yere, all the fruite of them shalbe holy and commendable to the Lorde.
In the fifth yere shall ye eate of the fruite thereof, that it may yeelde vnto you the encrease thereof: I am the Lorde your God.
Ye shall not eate vpon blood, neither shall ye vse witchcraft, nor obserue tymes.
Ye shall not rounde the corners of your heades, neither shalt thou marre the tuftes of thy bearde.
Ye shall not rent your fleshe for any soules sake, nor print any markes vpon you: I am the Lorde.
Thou shalt not make thy daughter common, that thou wouldest cause her to be an whore, lest the lande also fall to whoredome, and become ful of wickednesse.
Ye shall kepe my Sabbathes, & feare my sanctuarie: I am the Lorde.
Ye shall not regarde them that worke with spirites, neither seeke after soothsayers to be defiled by them: I am the Lorde your God.
Thou shalt ryse vp before the hore head, and reuerence the face of the olde man, and dreade thy God: I am the Lorde.
If a straunger soiourne with thee in your lande, ye shall not vexe hym.
But the straunger that dwelleth with you, shalbe as one of your owne nation, and thou shalt loue hym as thy selfe, for ye were straungers in the lande of Egypt: I am the Lorde your God.
Ye shall do no vnrighteousnesse in iudgement, in metyarde, in wayght, or in measure.
True balaunces, true wayghtes, a true Epha, and a true Hin shal ye haue: I am the Lorde your GOD whiche brought you out of the lande of Egypt.
Therfore shall ye obserue all my ordinaunces, and al my iudgementes, and do them: I am the Lorde.