The soule that will offer a meate offeryng vnto the Lorde, his offering shalbe of fine flowre: and he shall poure oyle vpon it, and put frankensence theron:
And shal bring it vnto Aarons sonnes the priestes: And he shall take therout his handfull of the flowre, & of the oyle with all the frakensence, and the priest shall burne it for a memoriall of hym vpon the aulter, to be an offeryng made by fire for a sweete sauour vnto the Lorde.
And the remnaunt of the meate offeryng shalbe Aarons and his sonnes, a thyng most holy of the sacrifices of the Lorde, made by fire.
If thou bryng also a meate offeryng that is baken in the ouen, let it be an vnleauened cake of fine flowre myngled with oyle, or an vnleauened wafer annoynted with oyle.
If thy meate offeryng be baken in the frying pan, it shalbe of vnleauened flowre myngled with oyle.
And thou shalt part it in peeces, and powre oyle thereon: that it may be a meate offeryng.
And yf thy meate offeryng be a thyng broyled vpon the grediron, let it be of flowre myngled with oyle.
And thou shalt bryng the meate offeryng that is made of these thinges vnto the lord, & shalt deliuer it vnto the priest, that he may offer it vpon the aulter.
And the priest shall take from the meate offeryng a memoriall therof, and shall burne it vpon the aulter: that it may be a burnt offeryng for a sweete sauour vnto the Lorde.
And that which is left of the meate offeryng, shalbe Aarons & his sonnes: It is a thyng moste holye of the offerynges of the Lorde made by fire.
All the meate offerynges which ye shal bryng vnto the Lorde, shalbe made without leauen: For ye shall neither burne leauen nor hony in any offering of the Lorde made by fire.
In the oblation of the first fruites ye shall offer them vnto the Lorde: but they shall not be burnt vpon the aulter for a sweete sauour.
All the meate offerynges also shalt thou season with salt, neither shalt thou suffer the salt of the couenaunt of thy God to be lackyng from thy meate offeryng: but vpon all thyne offerynges thou shalt bryng salt.
And yf thou offer a meate offeryng of the first fruites vnto the Lorde, thou shalt offer for the meate offeryng of thy first fruites, eares of corne dryed by the fire [euen] beaten wheate, of full eares.
And thou shalt put oyle vpon it, and lay frankensence theron: that it may be a meate offeryng.
And the priest shall burne part of the beaten corne, and part of that oyle with al the franckensence, for a remebraunce: and it shalbe a sacrifice vnto the Lorde made by fire.