And the Lorde spake vnto Moyses, saying:
This shalt thou say to the chyldren of Israel: whosoeuer he be of the chyldren of Israel, or of the straungers that dwell in Israel, that geueth of his chyldren vnto Moloch, let hym be slayne: the people of the lande shall ouerwhelme hym with stones.
And I wyl set my face agaynst that man, and wyll cut hym of from among his people, because he hath geuen his chyldren vnto Moloch, for to defile my sanctuarie, & to pollute my holy name.
And though that the people of the lande hyde their eyes from the man that geueth his chyldren vnto Moloch, and kyll hym not:
I wyll put my face agaynst that man, and agaynst his kynred, and wyll cut hym of, and all that go a whoring after hym to commit whordome with Moloch, from among their people.
If a soule turne hym selfe after suche as worke with spirites, and after soothsayers, to go a whoring after them, I wyll put my face agaynst that soule, and wyll cut hym of fro among his people.
Sanctifie your selues therefore and be holy: for I am the Lorde your God.
Kepe ye myne ordinaunces, and do them: I am the Lorde whiche sanctifie you.
Whosoeuer he be that despiseth his father or his mother, let hym dye: for he hath deminished the estimation of his father & mother, his blood be vpon him.
And the man that breaketh wedlocke with another mans wyfe, euen he that breaketh wedlocke with his neyghbours wyfe, let be slayne both the adulterer and the adultresse.
And the man that lyeth with his fathers wyfe, and vncouereth his fathers nakednes, let them both die, their blood be vpon them.
If a man lye with his daughter in lawe, let them dye both of them: they haue wrought abhomination, their blood be vpon them.
If a man also lye with mankinde after the maner as with women kynde, they haue both committed an abhomination: let them dye, their blood be vpon them.
And if a man take a wyfe, and her mother also, it is wickednesse: They shall burne with fire both hym & them, that there be no wickednesse among you.
And if a man lye with a beast, let hym dye, and ye shall slea the beast also.
If a woman go vnto any beast, and lye downe thereto, thou shalt kyll the woman and the beast also: let them dye, their blood be vpon them.
If a man take his sister, his fathers daughter, or his mothers daughter, & see her nakednesse, and she his nakednesse, it is a wicked thing, they shalbe cut of in the sight of their people: he hath vncouered his sisters nakednesse, he shall beare his sinne.
If a man lye with a woman hauing her natural disease, and vncouer her nakednesse, and open her fountayne, and she also open the foutayne of her blood, they shall both be cut of from among their people.
Thou shalt not vncouer the nakednesse of thy mothers sister, nor of thy fathers sister: for he that doth so, hath vncouered his next kyn, they shal beare their misdoyng.
If a man lye with his vncles wyfe, and vncouer his vncles nakednesse, they shall beare their sinne, and shall dye chyldlesse.
If a man take his brothers wyfe, it is an vncleane thyng: he hath vncouered his brothers nakednesse, they shalbe chyldlesse.
Ye shall kepe therefore all myne ordinaunces, and all my iudgementes, and do them: that the lande whyther I bryng you to dwell therein, spewe you not out.
Ye shall not walke in the maners of this nation, whiche I caste out before you: For they committed all these thinges, and therfore I abhorred the.
But I haue sayde vnto you, ye shall enherite their lande, and I wyll geue it vnto you to possesse it, euen a lande that floweth with mylke and hony: I am the Lorde your God, whiche haue seperated you from other nations.
And therefore shall ye put difference betweene cleane beastes and vncleane, betweene vncleane foules and cleane: Ye shal not defile your soules in beastes and foules, and in all maner creeping thinges that the grounde bryngeth foorth, whiche I haue seperated from you as vncleane.
Therfore shall ye be holy vnto me, for I the Lorde am holy, and haue seuered you from other nations, that ye shoulde be myne.
If there be a man or woman that worketh with a spirit, or that is a soothsayer, let them dye: Men shall ouerwhelme them with stones, their blood be vpon them.