And the Lorde spake vnto Moyses, saying:
Speake vnto Aaron and his sonnes, that they be seperated from the holy thinges of the children of Israel, and that they pollute not my holy name in those thinges whiche they halowe vnto me: I am the Lorde.
Say vnto them: Whosoeuer he be of all your seede among your generations after you, that goeth vnto the holy thinges whiche the chyldren of Israel halowe vnto the Lorde, hauing his vncleannes vpon hym, that soule shall be cut of from out of my sight: I am the Lorde.
What man soeuer of the seede of Aaron is a leper, or hath a running issue, he shall not eate of the holy thinges, vntyll he be cleane: And who so toucheth any man that is vncleane [by reason] of a dead body, or a man whose seede runneth from hym in his sleepe,
Or whosoeuer toucheth any creeping thyng, whereby he may be made vncleane, or a man, of whom he may take vncleannes, whatsoeuer vncleannes he hath:
The same soule that hath touched any suche, shalbe vncleane vntyll euen, and shall not eate of the holy thynges, vntyll he haue washed his fleshe with water.
And when the sunne is downe, he shalbe cleane, and shall afterwarde eate of the holy thynges, forasmuche as it is his foode.
Of a beast that dyeth alone, or is rent with wylde beastes, wherby he may be defiled, he shall not eate: I am the Lorde.
Let them kepe therefore myne ordinaunce, lest they for the same lade sinne vpon them, and dye for it, if they defile it: I the Lorde sanctifie them.
There shall no straunger eate of the holy thing, neither a ghest of ye priestes, neither shall an hyred seruaunt eate of the holy thyng.
But if the priest bye any soule with money, he shall eate of it, like as he that is borne in his house: they shall eate of his meate.
If the priestes daughter also be maried vnto a staunger, she may not eate of the halowed heaue offeringes:
Notwithstanding, if ye priestes daughter be a wydowe or deuorsed, and haue no chylde, but is returned vnto her fathers house agayne, she shall eate of her fathers meate, aswell as she dyd it in her youth: But there shall no straunger eate therof.
If a man eate of the holy thyng vnwittingly, he shal put the fifth part thervnto, and geue it vnto the priest with the halowed thyng.
And the priestes shall not defile the holy thynges of the chyldren of Israel, whiche they offer vnto the Lorde:
To lade them selues with misdoyng and trespasse while they eate their holy thinges: for I the Lorde do halowe them.
And the Lorde spake vnto Moyses, saying:
Speake vnto Aaron and his sonnes, and vnto all the children of Israel, and say vnto them: Whatsoeuer he be of the house of Israel, or straunger in Israel, that wyll offer his sacrifice for all his vowes, and for all his freewyll offeringes whiche they wyll offer vnto the Lorde for a burnt offering:
Ye shall offer at your pleasure, a male without blemishe, of the beefes, of the sheepe, or of the goates.
But whatsoeuer hath a blemishe, that shall ye not offer: for it shal not be acceptable for you.
And whosoeuer bryngeth a peace offering vnto the Lorde, to accomplyshe his vowe, or a freewyll offering in beefes or sheepe, it shalbe perfite to be accepted, there shalbe also no blemishe therein.
Blynde, or broken, or lame, or hauyng a wen, or skuruie, or scabbed, ye shall not offer suche vnto the Lorde, nor put a burnt offering of any suche vpon the aulter vnto the Lorde.
A bullocke or a sheepe that hath any member superfluous or lackyng, mayest thou offer for a freewyll offering: but for a vowe it shall not be accepted.
Ye shall not offer vnto the Lord that which is brused, or crusshed, or broken, or cut away, neither shal you make any offeryng therof in your lande.
Neither of a straungers hande shall ye offer the bread of your God of any such, because their corruption is in the, and they haue deformitie in the selues: and therfore shall they not be accepted for you.
And the Lorde spake vnto Moyses, saying:
When a bullocke, or a sheepe, or a goate is brought foorth, it shalbe seuen dayes vnder the damme: And from the eyght day and thencefoorth, it shalbe accepted for a burnt sacrifice vnto the Lorde.
And whether it be cowe or ewe, ye shall not kyll it and her young both in one day.
When ye wyll offer a thanke offeryng vnto the Lorde, offer it wyllyngly:
And the same day it must be eaten vp, so that ye leaue none of it vntyll the morowe: I am the Lorde.
Therfore shall ye kepe my comaundementes and do them: I am the Lorde.
Neither shal ye pollute my holy name, but I wyll be halowed among the children of Israel: I am the Lorde which halowe you,
And that brought you out of the lande of Egypt to be your God: I am the Lorde.