And he entred in, and went through Hierico.
And beholde, there was a man named Zacheus, which was the chiefe among the publicanes, and was riche [also]:
And he sought [meanes] to see Iesus, what he shoulde be, & coulde not for the preasse, because he was litle of stature.
And he ran before, and clymed vp into a wylde fygge tree, to see hym: for he was to come that way.
And when Iesus came to the place, he loked vp and sawe hym, and sayde vnto hym: Zache, come downe at once, for to day I must abyde at thy house.
And he came downe hastyly, and receaued hym ioyfully.
And when they al saw it, they murmured, saying that he was gone in to tary with a man that is a synner.
And Zache stoode foorth, and sayde vnto the Lorde: Beholde Lorde, the halfe of my goodes I geue to the poore, and yf I haue taken from any man by forged cauillation, I restore him foure folde.
Iesus sayde vnto hym: This daye is saluation come to this house, because that he also is become the childe of Abraham.
For the sonne of man is come to seke, and to saue that which was lost.
And as they hearde these thynges, he added & spake a parable, because he was nye to Hierusale, & because they thought that the kingdome of God should shortly appeare.
He sayde therfore: A certayne noble man went into a farre countrey, to receaue for hym selfe a kyngdome, and to come agayne.
And he called his ten seruauntes, & deliuered the ten peeces of money, saying vnto them, Occupie tyl I come.
But his citezins hated hym, and sent a message after hym, saying: We wyll not haue this man to raigne ouer vs.
And it came to passe, that whe he had receaued his kyngdome and returned, he commaunded these seruauntes to be called vnto him, to whom he had geuen the money, to wyt howe muche euery man had done in occupying.
Then came the first, saying: Lorde thy peece hath gayned ten peeces.
And he sayde vnto hym: Well thou good seruaunt, because thou hast ben faythfull in a very litle thing, haue thou aucthoritie ouer ten cities.
And the seconde came, saying: Thy peece hath encreased fiue peeces.
And to the same he sayde, be thou also ruler ouer fyue cities.
And another came, saying: Lorde beholde here is thy peece, whiche I haue layed vp in a napkin.
For I feared thee, because thou art a strayte man: Thou takest vp that thou laydest not downe, & reapest that thou dyddest not sowe.
He sayth vnto hym: Of thyne owne mouth wyll I iudge thee, thou euyll seruaunt.
Knewest thou that I am a straite man, taking vp that I layed not downe, & reapyng that I dyd not sowe:
And wherfore gauest not thou my money into the banke, and at my commyng I myght haue required myne owne with vauntage?
And he sayde vnto them that stoode by: Take from hym that peece, and geue it to hym that hath ten peeces.
And they sayde vnto hym: Lorde he hath ten peeces.
For I say vnto you, that vnto euery one which hath, shalbe geuen: and fro hym that hath not, shalbe taken away euen that he hath.
Moreouer, those mine enemies, which woulde not that I shoulde raigne ouer the, bring hyther, & slea them before me.
And when he hadde thus spoken, he went foorth before, ascending vp to Hierusalem.
And it came to passe, when he was come nye to Bethphage & Bethanie, besides the mount which is called Oliuet, he sent two of his disciples,
Saying: Go ye into the towne which is ouer agaynst you, into the whiche, assoone as ye are come, ye shall fynde a coult tyed, wheron yet neuer man sate: loose hym, and bryng hym hyther.
And yf any man aske you, why do ye loose hym, thus shall ye say vnto hym: because the Lorde hath neede of hym.
They that were sent, went their way, & founde euen as he had said vnto them.
And as they were a loosyng the coult, the owners therof said vnto them, why loose ye the coult?
And they sayde: For the Lorde hath neede of hym.
And they brought hym to Iesus, and cast their rayment on the coult, and set Iesus theron.
And as he went, they spread their clothes in the way.
And when he was nowe come nye to the going downe of the mount Oliuete, the whole multitude of the disciples began to reioyce, and to prayse God with a loude voyce, for all the miracles that they had seene.
Saying: Blessed be the kyng that cometh in the name of the Lorde, peace in heauen, and glory in the hyest.
And some of the Pharisees of the companie sayde vnto hym: Maister, rebuke thy disciples.
He saide vnto them: I tell you, that if these holde their peace, then shall the stones crye.
And when he was come neare, he behelde the citie, and wept on it.
Saying: If thou haddest knowen those thynges whiche belong vnto thy peace, euen in this thy day: But nowe are they hyd from thyne eyes.
For the dayes shall come vpon thee, that thyne enemies also shall caste a banke about thee, and compasse thee rounde, and kepe thee in on euery syde:
And make thee euen with ye grounde, and thy chyldren which are in thee: and they shall not leaue in thee one stone vpo another, because thou knowest not the tyme of thy visitation.
And he went into the temple, and began to cast out them that solde therin, & them that bought,
Saying vnto them, it is written: My house is the house of prayer, but ye haue made it a denne of thieues.
And he taught dayly in the temple.
But the hye priestes and the scribes, & the chiefe of the people, went about to destroy hym,
And coulde not fynde what to do: For all the people stacke by hym, when they hearde hym.