It came to passe, that when ye people preassed vpon hym, to heare the worde of God, he stoode by the lake of Genezareth,
And sawe two shippes stande by the lakes syde: But the fisshermen were gone out of them, and were wasshyng their nettes.
And he entred into one of the shippes, which pertayned to Simon, and prayed hym that he woulde thrust out, a litle from the lande: And he sate downe, and taught the people out of the shippe.
When he had left speakyng, he sayde vnto Simon: Launche out into the deepe, and let slip your nettes, to make a draught.
And Simon aunswered, and sayde vnto hym: Maister, we haue laboured all nyght, and haue taken nothyng: Neuerthelesse, at thy commaundement I wyll loose foorth the nette.
And when they had this done, they inclosed a great multitude of fisshes: But their nette brake.
And they beckened vnto their felowes, which were in the other shippe, that they shoulde come, and helpe them.
And they came, and fylled both the shippes, that they suncke agayne.
When Simon Peter sawe this, he fell downe at Iesus knees, saying: Lorde, go from me, for I am a sinfull man.
For he was vtterly astonyed, and all that were with hym, at the draught of fisshes, which they had taken.
And so was also Iames and Iohn the sonnes of Zebedee, whiche were parteners with Simon.
And Iesus sayde vnto Simon: Feare not, from hencefoorth thou shalt catch men.
And when they had brought vp their boates to the shore, they forsoke all, and folowed hym.
And it came to passe, that whe he was in a certayne citie: Beholde, [there was] a man full of leprosie, and when he had spyed Iesus, he fell flat on his face, and besought hym, saying: Lorde, yf thou wylt, thou canst make me cleane.
And he stretched foorth his hande, and touched hym, saying: I wyll, be thou cleane.
And immediatly the leprosie departed from hym.
And he charged hym, that he shoulde tell no man:
But go [sayth he] and shewe thy selfe to the priest, and offer for thy clensyng, accordyng as Moyses commaunded, for a witnesse vnto them.
But so much the more went there a fame abrode of hym, and much people came together to heare, and to be healed of hym, from their infirmities.
And he kept hym selfe a part in the wildernesse, and prayed.
And it came to passe, on a certayne day, as he was teachyng, that there were pharisees & doctours of the lawe, sittyng by, which were come out of all the townes of Galilee and Iurie, and Hierusalem: And the power of the Lorde was present, to heale them.
And beholde, men brought in a bed, a man which was taken with a paulsie, and they sought meanes to bryng hym in, and to lay hym before hym.
And when they coulde not fynde on what syde they myght bryng hym in, because of the prease, they went vpon the toppe of the house, and let hym downe through the tylyng, bed and all, euen in the myddes before Iesus.
Whe he sawe their faith, he saide vnto him: Man, thy sinnes are forgeuen thee.
And the scribes and the pharisees, began to thynke, saying: What felowe is this, which speaketh blasphemies?
Who can forgeue sinnes but God only?
But when Iesus perceaued their thoughtes, he aunswered, & sayde vnto them: What thynke ye in your heartes?
Whether is easier to say, thy sinnes be forgeuen thee: or to say, ryse vp & walke?
But that ye may knowe that the sonne of man hath power to forgeue sinnes on earth (he sayde vnto the sicke of the paulsie) I say vnto thee, aryse, take vp thy bed, and go vnto thy house.
And immediatly he rose vp before them, and toke vp his bed, wheron he lay, and departed to his owne house, praysyng God.
And they were all amazed, and they gaue the glory vnto God, and were fylled with feare, saying: Doutlesse we haue seene straunge thynges to day.
After these thynges, he went foorth, & sawe a publicane named Leui, sittyng at the receipt of custome: and he sayde vnto hym, folowe me.
And he left all, rose vp, & folowed him.
And Leui made hym a great feast in his owne house.
And there was a great companie of publicanes, and of other that sate [at meate] with them.
But they that were scribes and pharisees among them, murmured agaynst his disciples saying: Why do ye eate and drynke with publicanes and sinners?
And Iesus aunswered, and saide vnto them, They that are whole, neede not the phisition: But they that are sicke.
I came not to call the ryghteous: but sinners to repentaunce.
And they sayde vnto hym: Why do the disciples of Iohn fast often, & pray, and the disciples of the pharisees also: but thyne eate and drynke?
He sayde vnto them.
Can ye make the chyldren of the weddyng chaumber fast, whyle the brydegrome in with the?
But the dayes wyll come, when the brydegrome also shalbe taken away fro them: then shall they fast in those dayes.
He spake also vnto them a similitude.
No man putteth a peece of a newe garment, into an olde vesture: For then the newe renteth [the olde,] and the peece that was [taken] out of the newe, agreeth not with the olde.
And no man powreth newe wyne into olde vessels: For yf he do, the newe wyne wyll burst the vessels, and runne out it selfe, and the vessels shall perishe.
But newe wine must be put into newe vessels, and both are preserued.
No man also that drinketh olde wyne, strayghtway can awaye with newe: For he sayth, the olde is better.