The worde of the Lorde came vnto Micheas the Morasthite, in the dayes of Iotham, Ahas, & Hezekiah, kinges of Iuda, which he sawe concerning Samaria and Hierusalem.
Heare all ye people, marke this well O earth and all that therein is: yea let the Lorde God him selfe be witnesse against you, [euen] the Lorde from his holy temple.
For beholde, the Lorde shall come out of his holy place, and come downe and treade vpon the hie thinges of ye earth.
The mountaines shal melt vnder him, and the valleyes shall cleaue a sunder, lyke as wax [melteth] before the fire, and as the waters runne downeward.
And all this shalbe for the wickednes of Iacob, and the sinnes of the house of Israel: but what is the wickednesse of Iacob?
is not Samaria?
which are the hie places of Iuda?
is not Hierusalem?
Therefore I wyll make Samaria an heape of the fielde [meete] for the planting of a vineyarde: her stones wyll I tumble downe into the valley, and discouer her foundations.
All her images shalbe broken downe, and all her garmentes shalbe brent in the fire, yea: al her idols wyl I destroy: for they are gathered out of the hyre of an harlot, and into an harlots hyre shall they be turned againe.
Wherefore I wyll mourne and make lamentation, bare and naked wyl I go: I wyll mourne lyke the Dragons, and take sorowe as the Ostriches.
For their wounde is past remedie, it is come into Iuda, and hath touched the gate of my people at Hierusalem alredie.
Declare it not at Gath, neither weepe ye: for the house of Aphra roule thy selfe in the dust.
Thou that dwellest at Saphir gette thee hence naked with shame: she that dwelleth at Zaanan, shall not come foorth in the mourning of Bethezel: [the enemie] shal receaue of you for his standing.
For the inhabitautes of Maroth wayled for good, but the plague shall come from the Lorde, euen vnto the gates of Hierusalem.
O thou inhabitaunt of Lachis, binde the charette to the swiftest beast, she is the beginning of the sinne of the daughter of Sion: for the transgressions of Israel were founde in thee.
Therfore shalt thou bring presentes to Moresheth Gath: ye houses of Achzib [shalbe] as a lye to the kinges of Israel.
And as for thee O thou that dwellest at Maresa, I shall bring a possessioner vpon thee, he shal come to Adullam, the glory of Israel.
Make thee baulde, and shaue thee because of thy tender children: make thee cleane baulde as an Egle, for they shalbe caried away captiue from thee.