Wo vnto them that imagine iniquitie, and worke wickednesse vpon their beddes: when the morning is light they practise it, because their hande hath power.
And they couet fieldes, and take them by violence, and houses, and take them away: so they oppresse a man and his house, [euen] man and his heritage.
Therefore thus saith the Lorde: Beholde, against this housholde haue I deuised a plague, whereout ye shall not plucke your neckes: ye shall no more go so proudly, for it wyl be a perilous time.
In that day shal this parable be vsed, and a mourning shalbe made ouer you on this maner: We be vtterly desolate, the portion of my people is translated: how wyll he parte vnto vs the lande that he hath taken from vs?
Therefore there shalbe no man to deuide thee thy portion in the congregation of the Lorde.
Ye shal not prophecie [say they] to them that prophecie: they shal not prophecie to them, neither shall they take shame.
O thou that art named the house of Iacob, is the spirite of the Lorde shortened?
are these his workes?
are not my words good vnto him that walketh vprightly?
But he that was yesterday my people, is rysen vp on the other side [as] against an enemie: they spoyle the beawtifull garment from them that passe by peaceably, as though they returned from the warre.
The women of my people haue ye shut out from their pleasaunt houses, and taken away myne excellent giftes from their children.
Up, get you hence, for here shall ye haue no rest: because [the lande] is defiled, it shall destroy [you] which vtter destruction.
If a man walke in the spirite, and would lye falsely [saying] I wyl prophecie to thee of wine and strong drinke: that were a prophete for this people.
I wyll surely gather thee wholly O Iacob, I wyll surely gather the remnaunt of Israel, I wyll put them together as the sheepe of Bozra, as the flocke in the middest of their folde, they shall make great noyse by reason of the [multitude] of men.
The breaker shall come vp before them, they shall breake out, and passe by the gate, and go out by it: and their king shall go before them, and the Lorde shalbe vpon their heades.