But in the latter dayes it wyll come to passe that the hill of the Lordes house shalbe prepared in the toppe of the mountaines, and shalbe set vp hygher then any mountaynes or hilles, and people shall prease vnto it.
Yea, the multitude of the Gentiles shall haste them thither, saying: Come, let vs go vp the to hill of the Lorde, and to the house of the God of Iacob, and he shall teache vs his wayes, and we wyll walke in his pathes: for the lawe shall come out of Sion, and the word of God from Hierusalem.
And he shall iudge many people, and rebuke mightie nations of farre countreys: so that of their swordes they shal make ploughshares, and sythes of their speares: one people shall not lift vp a sworde against another, yea they shall no more learne to fight.
But euery man shall sit vnder his vineyarde, and vnder his figtree, and no man shall make them afraide: for the mouth of the Lorde of hoastes hath spoken it.
Therfore all people wyll walke euery man in the name of his God: and we wyll walke in the name of our lord God for euer and euer.
At the same time saith the Lorde, wyl I gather vp the lame and the outcast, and such as I haue chastened,
And wyll geue a remnaunt vnto the lame, and make of the outcast a mightie people: and the Lorde him selfe shalbe their king vpon the mount Sion, from this time foorth for euermore.
And vnto thee O thou towre of the flocke, thou strong holde of the daughter Sion, vnto thee shall it come, euen the lordeship and kingdome to the daughter Hierusalem.
Why then doest thou crye and lament?
is there no king in thee?
are thy counsellers perished, that thou art so payned as a woman in her trauaile?
And now O thou daughter Sion, sorowe and lament as a woman in her trauaile: for nowe must thou get thee out of the citie, & dwelt vpon the plaine fielde: yea vnto Babylon shalt thou go, [but] there shalt thou be deliuered, and there the Lord shall redeeme thee from the hande of thyne enemies.
Now also are there many people gathered together against thee, saying: Sion shalbe condempned, and our eye shall loke vpon Sion.
But they know not the thoughtes of the Lord, they vnderstand not his counsel: for he shall gather them together as the sheaues in the barne.
Therefore get thee vp, O thou daughter Sion, and thresshe out the corne: for I wyll make thy horne iron, and thy hooues brasse, that thou mayst breake in peeces many people: their goodes shalt thou consecrate vnto the Lorde, and their substaunce vnto the ruler of the whole worlde.