Now shalt thou be robbed thy selfe O thou robbers daughter: they shall laye siege against vs, & smyte the iudge of Israel with a rodde vpon the cheeke.
And thou Bethlehem Ephrata art little among the thousandes of Iuda, out of thee shal he come foorth vnto me which shalbe the gouernour in Israel, whose out going hath ben from the beginning, and from euerlasting.
Therefore wyll he geue them vp for a season, vntill the time that she which shall beare haue borne: then shall the remnaunt of his brethren be conuerted vnto the children of Israel.
He shall stande faste, and geue foode in the strength of the Lorde, and in the maiestie of the name of the Lorde his God: and when they be conuerted, he shalbe magnified vnto the farthest partes of the worlde.
And he shall be our peace: when the Assirians shall come into our lande, when he shal treade in our palaces, then shall we raise against him seuen sheepheardes, and eyght principall men.
These shall subdue the lande of Assur with the sworde, and the lande of Nimrod with their naked weapons: Thus shall he deliuer vs from the Assirian when he commeth within our lande, and setteth his foote within our borders.
And the remnaunt of Iacob shalbe among the multitude of people as the deawe of the Lord, and as the droppes vpon the grasse, that taryeth for no man and wayteth on no body.
Yea the residue of Iacob shalbe among the gentiles and the multitude of people, as the lion among the beastes of the wood, and as the lions whelpe among the flockes of sheepe: which whe he goeth through, treadeth downe, teareth in peeces, and there is no man that can deliuer.
Thyne hand shalbe lyft vp vpon thyne enemies, and all thyne aduersaries shall perishe.
And it shall come to passe in that day saith the Lorde, that I wyll take thyne horses from thee, and destroy thy charrettes.
I wyll breake downe the cities of thy lande, and ouerthrowe all thy strong holdes.
All witchcraftes wyll I roote out of thyne hande, there shall no mo soothsayinges be within thee.
Thyne idols and thyne images wyll I destroy out of thee, so that thou shalt no more bowe thy selfe vnto the workes of thyne owne handes.
Thy groues wyll I plucke vp by the rootes, and breake downe thy cities.
And I wyll execute a vengeaunce in my wrath & indignation vpon the heathen, such as they haue not heard.