And anone in the dawnyng, the hye priestes held a councel, with the elders, and the scribes, and the whole congregation, and bound Iesus, and ledde hym away, and deliuered hym to Pilate.
And Pilate asked hym: Art thou the kyng of the Iewes?
And he aunswered and sayde vnto hym: thou sayest it?
And the hye priestes accused hym of many thynges.
So Pilate asked hym agayne, saying: Aunswerest thou nothyng?
Beholde, howe many thynges they witnesse agaynst thee.
Iesus yet aunswered nothyng, so that Pilate marueyled.
At that feast, Pilate dyd delyuer vnto them a prisoner, whomsoeuer they woulde desire.
And there was one, that was named Barabbas, which lay bounde, with them that made insurrection: Which [men] had committed murther also in the insurrection.
And the people crying aloude, began to desire [hym] that he woulde do, according as he had euer done vnto them.
Pilate aunswered them, saying: Wyll ye that I let loose vnto you the kyng of the Iewes?
For he knewe, that the hye priestes had delyuered hym of enuie.
But the hye priestes moued the people, that he shoulde rather delyuer Barabbas vnto them.
Pilate aunswered agayne, and sayde vnto them: What wyll ye then that I do vnto hym, whom ye call the kyng of the Iewes?
And they cryed agayne, crucifie hym.
Pilate sayde vnto them: What euyll hath he done?
And they cryed the more feruently, crucifie hym.
And so Pilate, wyllyng to content the people, let loose Barabbas vnto them, and deliuered vp Iesus, when he had scourged hym, for to be crucified.
And the souldiers led hym away, into the hall, called Pretorium, and called together the whole bande [of souldiers:]
And they clothed hym with purple, and they platted a crowne of thornes, and crowned hym withall,
And began to salute hym: Hayle kyng of the Iewes.
And they smote hym on the head with a reede, & did spit vpon him, and bowed their knees, and worshipped hym.
And when they had mocked hym, they toke the purple of hym, and put his owne clothes on hym, and led hym out to crucifie hym.
And they compelled one that passed by, called Simon of Cyrene (commyng out of the fielde, the father of Alexander and Rufus) to beare his crosse.
And they brought hym to a place named Golgotha, which is, if a man interprete it, the place of [dead mens] sculles.
And they gaue hym to drynke, wyne myngled with myrre: but he receaued it not.
And when they had crucified hym, they parted his garmentes, castyng lottes vpon them, what euery man shoulde take.
And it was the thyrde houre, and they crucified hym.
And the title of his cause was written: THE KYNG OF THE IEWES.
And they crucifed with hym two thieues: the one on the ryght hande, and the other on his left.
And the Scripture was fulfylled which sayth: He was counted among the wycked.
And they that went by, rayled on him, wagging their heades, and saying: A wretche, thou that destroyest the temple, and buildest it in three dayes,
Saue thy selfe, and come downe from the crosse.
Lykewyse also mocked hym the hye priestes among them selues, with the scribes, and sayde: He saued other men, hym selfe he can not saue.
Let Christe the kyng of Israel descende nowe from the crosse, that we may see, and beleue.
And they that were crucified with hym, checked hym also.
And when the sixth houre was come, darknesse arose ouer all the earth, vntill the nynth houre.
And at the nynth houre, Iesus cryed with a loude voyce, saying: Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?
which is, yf one interprete it, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?
And some of them that stoode by, whe they hearde that, sayde: Beholde, he calleth for Elias.
And one ran, and fylled a spunge full of vineger, and put it on a reede, & gaue hym to drynke, saying: let hym alone, let vs see whether Elias wyll come and take hym downe.
But Iesus cryed with a loude voyce, and gaue vp the ghost.
And the vayle of the temple dyd rent in two peeces, from the toppe to the bottome.
And when the Centurion, which stoode before hym, sawe, that he so cryed, and gaue vp the ghost, he sayde: Truely this man was the sonne of God.
There were also women a good way of, beholdyng hym: among whom was Marie Magdalene, and Marie the mother of Iames the litle, and of Ioses, and Salome.
Which also when he was in Galilee, had folowed hym, and ministred vnto hym: and many other women, which came vp with hym vnto Hierusalem.
And nowe when the euen was come, (because it was the day of preparyng, that goeth before the Sabboth)
Ioseph [of the citie] of Aramathia, a noble councellour, which also loked for the kyngdome of God, came, and went in boldely vnto Pilate, and begged of hym the body of Iesu.
And Pilate marueyled that he was alredy dead: and called vnto hym the Centurion, and asked of hym, whether he had ben any whyle dead.
And when he knewe the trueth of the Centurion, he gaue the body to Ioseph.
And he bought a lynnen cloth, & toke hym downe, and wrapped hym in the lynnen cloth, & layde him in a sepulchre, that was hewe out of the rocke, & roulled a stone vnto the doore of ye sepulchre.
And Marie Magdalene, and Marie Ioses, behelde where he was layde.