And they came ouer to the other syde of the sea, into the countrey of the Gadarenites.
And when he was come out of the shippe, immediatly there met hym from among the tombes, a man [possessed] of an vncleane spirite:
Which had his abidyng among the tombes: And no man coulde bynde him, no not with cheynes,
Because, that when he was often bounde with fetters and cheynes, he plucked the cheynes a sunder, and brake the fetters in peeces: Neither coulde any man tame hym.
And alwayes, nyght and day, he was in the mountaynes, and in the tombes, crying, and beatyng hym selfe with stones.
But when he had spied Iesus a farre of, he ranne, and worshypped hym,
And cried with a loude voyce, & sayde: what haue I to do with thee Iesus thou sonne of the most hyest God?
I require thee in the name of God, that thou torment me not.
(For he sayde vnto hym: come out of the man thou foule spirite.)
And he asked hym, what is thy name?
And he aunswered and sayd vnto hym: my name is legion, for we are many.
And he prayed hym instantly, that he woulde not sende them away, out of the countrey.
But there was there, nye vnto the mountaynes, a great hearde of swyne feedyng.
And all the deuyls besought hym, saying: sende vs into the swyne, that we may enter into them.
And anone Iesus gaue them leaue.
And the vncleane spirites went out, and entred into the swyne: And the hearde ran headlong into the sea, (they were about two thousande,) & were drowned in the sea.
And the swyneheardes fled, and tolde it in the citie, and in the countrey.
And they went out for to see what was done:
And came to Iesus, and sawe hym that was vexed with the fiende, and had the legion, syt, both clothed, and in his right mynde: & they were afraide.
And they that sawe it, tolde them, howe it came to passe to hym that was possessed with the deuyll: and also of the swyne.
And they beganne to pray hym, that he woulde depart out of their coastes.
And when he was come into the shippe, he that had [ben possessed] with the deuyll, prayed hym, that he myght be with hym.
Howebeit, Iesus woulde not suffer hym, but sayde vnto hym: go home to thy frendes, and shewe them howe great thynges the Lorde hath done for thee, and howe he had compassion on thee.
And he departed, and beganne to publyshe in the ten cities, howe great thynges Iesus had done for hym: and all men dyd maruayle.
And when Iesus was come ouer agayne by shippe, vnto the other syde, much people gathered vnto hym, and he was nye vnto the sea.
And beholde, there came one of the rulers of the synagogue, whose name was Iairus: and when he sawe hym, he fell downe at his feete,
And besought hym greatly, saying: my young daughter lieth at poynt of death, [I pray thee] come and lay thy hande on her, that she may be safe, and lyue.
And he went with hym, and much people folowed him, and thronged him.
And there was a certayne woman, which had ben diseased of an issue of blood twelue yeres,
And had suffred many thynges, of many phisitions, and had spent all that she had, and felt none amendemet at all, but rather the worse.
When she had hearde of Iesus, she came in the prease behynde hym, and touched his garment.
For she sayde: yf I may but touche his clothes, I shalbe whole.
And strayghtway the fountayne of her blood was dryed vp: & she felt in her body, that she was healed of ye plague.
And Iesus immediatly, knowyng in hym selfe, that vertue proceaded from hym, turned hym about in the prease, and sayde: who touched my clothes?
And his disciples sayde vnto hym: thou seest the people thrust thee, & askest thou, who dyd touche me?
And he loked rounde about, for to see her that had done this thyng.
But the woman, fearyng & tremblyng, knowyng what was done within her, came, and fell downe before hym, and tolde hym all the trueth.
And he sayde vnto her: Daughter thy fayth hath saued thee, go in peace, and be whole of thy plague.
Whyle he yet spake, there came from the ruler of the synagogues [house], certayne, which sayde: thy daughter is dead, why diseasest thou the maister any further?
Assoone as Iesus hearde the worde that was spoken, he sayde vnto the ruler of the synagogue, be not afrayde, only beleue.
And he suffred no man to folowe him, saue Peter, and Iames, and Iohn the brother of Iames.
And he came to the house of the ruler of the synagogue, and sawe the tumult, and them that wept & wayled greatly.
And went in, and sayde vnto them: why make ye this a doe, and wepe?
the damsell is not dead, but slepeth.
And they laught hym to scorne: But he put them all out, and taketh the father and the mother of the damsell, and them that were with hym, and entreth in where the damsell laye,
And taketh the damsell by the hande, and sayth vnto her.
Talitha cumi, which is, yf one do interprete it, damsell (I say vnto thee) aryse.
And strayghtway the damsell arose, and walked: For she was of the age of twelue yeres.
And they were astonyed out of measure.
And he charged them straytly, that no man shoulde knowe of it: and commaunded to geue her meate.