And he departed thence, & came into his owne countrey, and his disciples folowed him.
And when the sabboth day was come, he beganne to teache in the synagogue: And many that hearde hym, were astonyed, and sayde: from whence hath he these thynges?
And what wisdome is this that is geuen vnto hym?
and such myghtie workes that are wrought by his handes?
Is not this the carpenter Maries sonne, the brother of Iames & Ioses, and of Iuda and Simon?
and are not his sisters here with vs?
And they were offended at hym.
Iesus sayde vnto them, that a prophete is not without honour, but in his owne countrey, and among his owne kynne, and in his owne house.
And he coulde there shewe no mightie worke: but layde his handes vpon a fewe sicke folke, and healed them.
And he marueyled, because of their vnbeliefe.
And he went about by the townes that lay on euery syde, teachyng.
And he called the twelue, and beganne to sende them foorth, two and two, and gaue the power ouer vncleane spirites.
And commaunded them, that they shoulde take nothyng in their iourney, saue a staffe only: no scrippe, no bread, no money in their purse.
But shoulde be shoed with sandales: And that they shoulde not put on two coates.
And he sayde vnto them: Whersoeuer ye enter into an house, there abyde tyll ye depart thence.
And whosoeuer shall not receaue you nor heare you, when ye depart thence, shake of the dust that is vnder your feet, for a witnesse vnto them: I say veryly vnto you, it shalbe easyer for the Sodomites and the Gomorrheans in the day of iudgement, then for that citie.
And they went out, & preached, that men should repent.
And they cast out many deuyls, and annoynted many that were sicke, with oyle, and healed them.
And king Herode hearde [of hym] for his name was spread abrode: And he sayde, Iohn Baptist is rysen agayne from the dead, and therefore myghtie workes do shewe foorth them selues in hym.
Other saide, it is Elias.
Some saide, it is a prophete, or as one of the prophetes.
But when Herode hearde of hym, he saide: It is Iohn, whom I beheaded, he is rysen from death agayne.
For Herode himselfe had sent foorth, and layde handes vpon Iohn, & bounde hym in pryson, for Herodias sake, his brother Philippes wyfe, because he had maryed her.
For Iohn sayde vnto Herode: It is not lawful for thee to haue thy brothers wyfe.
Therefore Herodias layde wayte for hym, and woulde haue kylled hym: but she coulde not.
For Herode feared Iohn, knowyng that he was a iuste man and an holye, and gaue hym reuerence: and when he hearde hym, he dyd many thynges, and hearde hym gladly.
And whe a conuenient day was come, that Herode on his birth daye made a supper to the lordes, hye captaynes, and chiefe estates of Galilee.
And when the daughter of the same Herodias came in, and daunced, and pleased Herode, and them that sate at boorde also, the kyng said vnto the damsell: Aske of me what thou wylt, and I wyll geue it thee.
And he sware vnto her: Whatsoeuer thou shalt aske of me, I wyll geue it thee, euen vnto the one halfe of my kingdome.
And she went foorth, & sayde vnto her mother: What shall I aske?
She saide, Iohn Baptistes head.
And she came in strayghtwaye, with haste, vnto the kyng, and asked, saying: I wyll, that thou geue me by and by in a charger, the head of Iohn Baptist.
And the kyng was sory, howebeit, for his othes sake, & for their sakes whiche sate at supper also, he woulde not caste her of.
And immediatlye the kyng sent the hangman, and commaunded his head to be brought in: And he went, and beheaded hym in the pryson,
And brought his head in a charger, & gaue it to the damsell, and the damsell gaue it to her mother.
And when his disciples hearde of it, they came, and toke vp his body, and layed it in a tombe.
And the Apostles gathered themselues together vnto Iesus, and tolde hym all thynges, both what they had done, and what they had taught.
And he sayde vnto them: Come ye alone out of the way, into ye wyldernesse, and rest awhyle: For there were many commers and goers, and they had no leysure, so much as to eate.
And he wet by shippe out of the way, into a desert place.
And the people spyed them, when they departed, and many knewe hym, and ranne a foote thyther, out of all cities, & came thyther before them, and came together vnto hym.
And Iesus went out, and sawe much people, and had compassion on them, because they were lyke sheepe, not hauyng a sheepheard: And he began to teache them many thynges.
And when the day was nowe farre spent, his disciples came vnto hym, saying: This is a desert place, & nowe the tyme is farre passed:
Let them departe, that they may go into the countrey rounde about, and into the townes, and bye them bread: for they haue nothyng to eate.
He aunswered and sayde vnto them: geue ye them to eate.
And they saide vnto him: Shall we go and bye two hundred penyworth of bread, & geue them to eate?
He sayde vnto them: Howe many loaues haue ye, go loke?
And when they had searched, they sayde, fyue, and two fisshes.
And he commaunded them, to make them all sit downe by companies vpon the greene grasse.
And they sate downe, here a rowe, and there a rowe, by hundredes, & by fifties.
And when he had take the fiue loaues and the two fisshes, and loked vp to heauen, he blessed, and brake the loaues, & gaue them to his disciples to set before them: and the two fisshes deuided he among them all.
And they all did eate, & were satisfied.
And they toke vp twelue baskets full, of the fragmentes, & of the fisshes.
And they that dyd eate, were about fyue thousande men.
And straightway, he constrayned his disciples to go into the shippe, and to go ouer the sea before, vnto Bethsaida, whyle he sent away the people.
And assoone as he had sent them away, he departed into a mountayne to pray.
And when euen was come, the ship was in the myddes of the sea, and he alone on the lande.
And he sawe them troubled in rowyng (for the wynde was contrary vnto them:) And about the fourth watche of the nyght, he came vnto them, walking vppon the sea, and woulde haue passed by them.
But when they sawe hym walkyng vpon the sea, they supposed it had ben a spirite, and cryed out.
For they all sawe him, & were afraide.
And anone he talked with them, & saide vnto them: Be of good cheare, it is I, be not afrayde.
And he went vp vnto them into the shippe, and the wynde ceassed, and they were sore amased in themselues beyond measure, and marueyled.
For they vnderstoode not [the miracle] of the loaues, because their heart was hardened.
And when they had passed ouer, they came into the lande of Genezareth, and drewe vp into the hauen.
And assoone as they were come out of the shippe, straightway they knew him,
And ranne foorth throughout all the region rounde about, & began to carry about in beddes those that were sicke, thither, where they heard that he was.
And whethersoeuer he entred, into townes, cities, or villages, they layde the sicke folkes in the streates, & prayed him that they myght touche and it were but the hemme of his garment: And as many as touched it, were made whole.