At that tyme Herode the Tetrarch, hearde of the fame of Iesu.
And sayde vnto his seruauntes: this is Iohn the Baptist, he is risen from the dead, and therfore great workes do shewe foorth them selues in hym.
For Herode had taken Iohn, and bounde hym, and put hym in prison, for Herodias sake, his brother Philips wyfe.
For Iohn sayde vnto hym: it is not lawfull for thee to haue her.
And when he woulde haue put hym to death, he feared the people: because they counted hym as a prophete.
But when Herodes birth day was kept, the daughter of Herodias daunsed before them, and pleased Herode.
Wherfore he promised with an othe, that he woulde geue her whatsoeuer she woulde aske.
And she, beyng instruct of her mother before, sayde: geue me here Iohn Baptistes head in a platter.
And the kyng was sory: Neuerthelesse, for the othes sake, and them which sate also at the table, he commaunded it to be geuen her:
And sent, and beheaded Iohn in the pryson.
And his head was brought in a platter, and geuen to the damsell: and [she] brought it to her mother.
And his disciples came, and toke vp his body, and buryed it: and went, and tolde Iesus.
When Iesus hearde of it, he departed thence in a shyp, vnto a desert place, out of the way: And when the people had hearde therof, they folowed hym on foote out of the cities.
And Iesus went foorth, and sawe much people: and was moued with mercye towarde them, and he healed their sicke.
And when the euen drewe on, his disciples came to hym, saying: this is a desert place, and the hour is nowe past, let the people depart, that they may go into the townes, and bye them vittels.
But Iesus sayde vnto them: They haue no nede to go away, geue ye them to eate.
They saye vnto hym: we haue here but fyue loaues, and two fisshes.
He sayde: bryng them hyther to me.
And he commaunded the people to sit downe on the grasse, and he toke the fyue loaues, and the two fisshes, and lift vp his eyes towarde heauen, & blessed: And when he had broken [them], he gaue the loaues to his disciples, and his disciples to the people.
And they dyd all eate, and were suffised.
And they gathered vp (of the fragmentes that remayned) twelue baskets full.
And they that had eaten, were about fyue thousande men, besyde women and chyldren.
And strayghtway Iesus constrayned his disciples to get vp into a shippe, and to go before hym vnto the other syde, whyle he sent the people away.
And when the people were sent away, he went vp into a mountayne alone to pray: And when nyght was come, he was there hym selfe alone.
But the shippe was nowe in the middes of the sea, & was tost with waues: for it was a contrary wynde.
And in the fourth watch of the nyght, Iesus went vnto them, walkyng on the sea.
And when the disciples sawe hym walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying, it is a spirite: and they cryed out for feare.
But strayght way, Iesus spake vnto them, saying: be of good cheare, it is I, be not afrayde.
Peter aunswered hym, and sayde: Lorde, yf it be thou, byd me come vnto thee, on the water.
And he sayde: come.
And when Peter was come downe out of the shippe, he walked on the water, to go to Iesus.
But when he sawe a myghty wynde, he was afrayde: And when he began to sincke, he cryed, saying, Lorde saue me.
And immediatly Iesus stretched foorth his hande, and caught hym, and sayde vnto hym: O thou of litle fayth, wherefore diddest thou doubt?
And when they were come into the shippe, the wynde ceassed
Then they that were in the shippe, came and worshypped hym, saying: of a trueth thou art the sonne of God.
And when they were gone ouer, they came into the lande of Gennezaret.
And when the men of that place, had knowledge of hym, they sent out into all that countrey rounde about: and brought vnto hym all that were sicke.
And besought hym, that they myght touche the hemme of his garment only: And as many as touched [it] were made whole.