The burden of Niniue: The boke of the vision of Nahum the Elkoshite.
God is ielous, & the Lorde auengeth, the Lorde auengeth and hath wrath in store: the Lord auengeth vpon them that trouble hym, and he remembreth his enemies.
The Lorde is slowe to anger, and [also] of great power, and in no case will not acquite [the wicked,] the Lordes dealing is with blustring tempest and whirle winde, and the cloudes are the dust of his feete.
He rebuketh the sea and dryeth it vp, all the riuers also he maketh drye: Basan and Carmel are destroyed, the spring also of Libanon is destroyed.
The mountaynes quake at his power and the hilles are resolued: the earth also burneth at his countenaunce, the worlde, and all that dwelleth therin.
Who can stande before his wrath?
or who can rise vp before the anger of his countenaunce, his fiercenesse is powred out like fire, yea the rockes cleaue in peeces at his might.
The Lord is gratious, a strong holde in the day of trouble, and knoweth them that trust in hym.
But with an ouerrunning flood he wil destroy her place, and will pursue his enemies with darkenesse.
What imagine ye against the Lorde?
he makes an vtter destruction: ye shall not be troubled twyse.
For whyles the thornes cleaue together, and whyles they banquet out their feastes, they are deuoured vp as very drie stubble.
There came out of thee such as thought euyll against the Lorde, such as gaue wicked counsell.
Thus sayth the Lorde: Though ye be in concorde, and also many, yet so shall ye be cut downe, and passe: & [though] I haue afflicted thee [O Hierusalem] yet will I trouble thee no more.
And nowe I will breake of his yoke from [vpon] thee, and I will breake thy bondes in sunder.
The Lorde also hath geuen a commaundement touching thee that, there shalbe no more offpring of thy name: from the house of thy God, I will cut of carued and molten image, I will make [it] thy graue, for thou art vile.
Behold vpon the mountaynes the feete of him that bringeth good tidinges, that preacheth peace: kepe thy festiual dayes O Iuda, paye thy vowes: for the wicked [tiraunt] shal hereafter passe no more through thee, he is vtterly cut of.