And all the multitude of the people cried out, and wept throughout that nyght.
And all the chyldren of Israel murmured agaynst Moyses and Aaron, and the whole congregation sayde vnto them: Woulde God that we had dyed in the lande of Egypt, either that we had dyed in this wyldernesse.
Wherfore hath the Lorde brought vs vnto this lande to fall vpon the sworde, and that our wyues and our chyldren should be a pray?
Were it not better that we returne vnto Egypt agayne?
And they sayd one to another: Let vs make a captayne, and returne vnto Egypt agayne.
Then Moyses & Aaron fell on their faces before all the assemblie of the congregation of the chyldren of Israel.
And Iosuah the sonne of Nun, and Caleb the sonne of Iephune [whiche were] of them that searched the lande, rent their clothes:
And spake vnto al the companie of the chyldren of Israel, saying: The lande whiche we walked through to searche it, is a very good lande.
If the Lord haue a loue to vs, he will bryng vs into this lande and geue it vs, whiche is such a lande as floweth with mylke and hony.
But in any wyse rebell not ye agaynst the Lorde, neither feare the people of the lande, for they are but bread for vs: Their shielde is departed from them, and the Lorde is with vs, feare them not therfore.
But all the congregation bade stone them with stones: And the glory of the Lorde appeared in the tabernacle of the congregation before all the chyldren of Israel.
And the Lorde sayde vnto Moyses: Howe long do this people prouoke me, and how long wyll it be yer they beleue me, for all the signes which I haue shewed among them?
I will smyte them with the pestilence and destroy them, and wyll make of thee a greater nation and mightier then they.
And Moyses sayde vnto the Lorde: Then the Egyptians shall heare it, (for thou broughtest this people in thy might from among them.)
And it wylbe tolde to the inhabiters of this lande also: for they haue hearde lykewyse, that thou Lorde art among this people, and that thou Lorde art seene face to face, and that thy cloude standeth ouer them, & that thou goest before them by day tyme in a pyller of a cloude, and in a pyller of fire by nyght.
If thou shalt kyll all this people as they were but one man: then the nations whiche haue hearde the fame of thee, wyll say:
Because the Lord is not able to bryng in this people into the lande whiche he sware vnto them, therefore he hath slaine them in the wyldernesse.
And nowe I beseche thee, let the power of my Lord be great, accordyng as thou hast spoken, saying:
The Lorde is long yer he be angrie, and of great mercy, and suffreth iniquitie and sinne, and leaueth no man innocent, and visiteth the vnrighteousnesse of the fathers vpon the chyldren, in the thirde and fourth generations.
Be mercyfull I beseche thee vnto the sinne of this people accordyng vnto thy great mercy, as thou hast forgeuen this people from Egypt, euen vntyll nowe.
And the Lorde sayde: I haue forgeuen it, according to thy request.
But as truely as I liue, all the earth shalbe filled with the glory of the Lord.
But all those men whiche haue seene my glory, and my miracles whiche I did in Egypt and in the wildernesse, and haue tempted me nowe this ten tymes, and haue not hearkened vnto my voyce:
Shall not see the lande whiche I sware vnto their fathers, neither shall any of them that prouoked me see it.
But my seruaunt Caleb, because he had another maner of spirite, (and because he hath folowed me vnto the vtmost) hym wyll I bryng into the lande which he hath walked in, and his seede shall inherite it.
And also the Amalechites and Chanaanites, remayne in the valley: To morowe turne you, and get you into the wyldernesse, euen by the way of the red sea.
And the Lorde spake vnto Moyses and Aaron, saying:
Howe long doth this euyll multitude murmure agaynst me?
I haue hearde the murmuringes of the children of Israel with the whiche they murmure agaynst me.
Tell them therefore: As truely as I liue sayeth the Lorde, I wyll do vnto you euen as ye haue spoken in myne eares:
Your carkasses shall fall in the wyldernesse: And all you that were tolde throughout your numbers from twentie yeres and aboue, whiche haue murmured against me,
Shall not come into the lande ouer which I lifted vp myne hand to make you dwell therin, saue Caleb the sonne of Iephune, and Iosuah the sonne of Nun.
But your chyldren whiche ye sayde shoulde be a pray, them I wyll bryng in, and they shall knowe the lande whiche ye haue refused.
And your carkasses shall fall in this wyldernesse.
And your chyldren shall wander in the wildernesse fourtie yeres, and suffer for your whordome, vntyll your carkasses be wasted in the wyldernesse.
After the number of the dayes in whiche ye searched out the lande, euen fourtie dayes, euery day for a yere shal ye beare your vnrighteousnesse, euen fourtie yeres, and ye shall knowe my breache of promise.
I the Lorde haue sayde, that I wyll do it vnto all this euyll congregation that are gathered together against me: For in this wildernesse they shalbe consumed, and there they shall dye.
And the men whiche Moyses sent to searche the lande, and whiche (when they came agayne) made all the people to murmure against hym, and brought vp a sclaunder vpon the lande:
Euen those men that dyd bryng vp that sclaunder vpon it as though it had ben euill, dyed in a great plague before the Lorde.
But Iosuah the sonne of Nun, and Caleb the sonne of Iephune, whiche were of the men that went to searche the lande, liued styll.
And Moyses tolde these sayinges vnto all the chyldren of Israel, and the people toke great sorowe.
And they rose vp early in the morning, and gate them vp into the toppe of the mountayne, saying: lo, we be here, and wyll go vp vnto the place of which the Lorde sayde: For we haue sinned.
And Moyses sayde: Wherfore transgresse ye thus the worde of the Lorde?
it wyll not come well to passe.
Go not vp therefore, for the Lorde is not among you: that ye be not slayne before your enemies.
For the Amalechites and the Chanaanites are there before you, & ye wyll fall vpon the sworde, because ye are turned away from the Lorde, & the Lorde wyll not be with you.
But they presumed obstinatly to go vp into the hyll top: Neuerthelater, the arke of the couenaunt of the Lorde and Moyses, departed not out of the hoast.
Then the Amalechites and the Chanaanites which dwelt in that hill, came downe, and smote them, and consumed them euen anto Horma.