The vngodly fleeth when no man pursueth him: but the righteous are bolde as a Lion.
For the wickednes of the lande, the prince is oft chaunged: but thorowe a man of vnderstanding and wysdome, a realme endureth long.
One poore man oppressing another by violence, is like a raging rayne that destroyeth the fruite.
They that forsake the lawe, prayse the vngodly: but such as kepe the lawe are greeued at them.
Wicked men vnderstande not iudgement: but they that seeke the Lord, vnderstande all thinges.
Better is he that walketh in his vprightnes: then he that peruerteth his wayes, and is riche.
Who so kepeth the lawe, is a chylde of vnderstanding: but he that is a companion of riotous men, shameth his father.
He that by vsurie and vniust gaynes gathereth riches: he shall lay them in store for a man that will pitie the poore.
He that turneth away his eare from hearing the lawe, his prayer shalbe abhominable.
Who so causeth the righteous to go astray by an euill way, shall fall into his owne pit: but the iust shall haue the good in possession.
The riche man thinketh hym selfe to be wise: but the poore that hath vnderstandyng can perceaue hym well inough.
When righteous men do reioyce, there is great glory: but when the wicked come vp, the man is tryed.
He that hydeth his sinnes, shall not prosper: but whoso knowledgeth them and forsaketh them, shall haue mercy.
Well is hym that standeth alway in awe: as for hym that hardeneth his heart, he shall fall into mischiefe.
As a roaring Lion and an hungrye Beare, so is an vngodly prince ouer the poore people.
Where the prince is without vnderstanding, there is great oppression and wrong: but if he hateth couetousnes, he shall long raigne.
He that by violence shedeth any mans blood, shalbe a runnagate vnto his graue, and no man shalbe able to succour hym.
Whoso leadeth an innocent life, shalbe saued: but he that goeth frowarde wayes, shall once haue a fall.
He that tylleth his lande shall haue plenteousnes of bread: but he that foloweth idle persons, shall haue pouertie inough.
A faythfull man shalbe fylled with blessinges, and he that maketh haste to be riche, shall not be vngyltie.
To haue respect of persons [in iudgement] is not good, for that man wyll do wrong, yea euen for a peece of bread.
He that wyll be riche all to soone, hath an euyll eye: and considereth not that pouertie shall come vpon hym.
He that folowyng my preceptes rebuketh a man, shall fynde more fauour at the last then he that flattereth hym.
Who so robbeth his father and mother, and sayth it is no sinne: the same is the companion of a destroyer.
He that is of a proude stomacke stirreth vp strife: but he that putteth his trust in the Lorde shalbe well fed.
He that trusteth in his owne heart is a foole: but he that dealeth wisely shalbe safe.
He that geueth vnto the poore shall not lacke: but he that hydeth his eyes from them, shall haue many a curse.
When the vngodly are come vp, men are fayne to hide themselues: but when they perishe, the ryghteous encrease.