[A psalme of Dauid.]
I will sing of mercie and iudgement: I wyll syng vnto thee O God psalmes.
I wyll endeuour my selfe to be fully instructed in the way of perfectnesse: when thou wylt come vnto me, I wil go vp and downe in the middest of my house in the perfectnesse of my heart.
I wyll neuer set before myne eyes any deuillishe thyng: I wyll detest to do the worke of transgressours, it shall take no holde of me.
A frowarde heart shall depart from me: I wyll not once knowe [any] euyll.
I will destroy him who priuily slaundereth his neighbour: I wyll not suffer hym who hath a proude loke and a great stomacke.
Myne eyes shalbe vpon such in the lande as haue a true meanyng, that they may sit with me: he that leadeth a perfect lyfe shall minister vnto me.
There shall no deceiptfull person haue any seate in my house: he that telleth lyes shall not tary long in my syght.
I wyll euery mornyng destroy all the vngodly in the lande: that I may roote out from the citie of God all workers of wickednesse.