[To the chiefe musition vpon (an instrument) of eyght stringes,
a psalme of Dauid.]
Saue thou [me] O God, for there is not one godly man left: for the faythfull are diminished from among the chyldren of men.
Euery one vseth vayne talke with his neyghbour: and speaketh with a double heart out of flatteryng lippes.
God wyll cut away all flatteryng lippes: [and] the tongue that speaketh great thinges.
Whiche say, we wyll preuayle with our tongue: our lippes are our owne, who is Lorde ouer vs?
For the calamities of the oppressed, for the deepe sighyng of the poore, I wyll nowe vp sayeth God: and I wyll put in safetie, [hym] whom the [wicked] hath snared.
The wordes of God be wordes pure, as the siluer tryed in a furnace of earth: and purified seuen times.
[Wherfore] thou wylt kepe the godly, O God: thou wylt preserue euery one of them from this generation for euer.
The vngodly walke on euery side: when the worst sort be exalted amongst the chyldren of men.