[A song of high degrees.]
When God shall cause them of Sion that were led into captiuitie for to returne: we shalbe as men that dreamed.
Then shall our mouth be filled with a laughter: and our tongue with a ioyfull noyse.
Then shall suche as be amongst the Heathen say: God hath brought great thinges to passe, that he myght do for them.
God hath brought great thinges to passe for vs: we be made merie.
Make vs O God that be led into captiuitie: for to returne as riuers into the south.
They that sowe in teares: shall reape in ioy.
He that goeth foorth on his way, and wepyng beareth pretious seede: shall doubtlesse returning, come againe with a ioyfull noyse, bryngyng his sheaues with hym.