[A song of high degrees (made) for Solomon.]
If GOD wyll not buylde the house, they labour in vayne that buylde it: if God kepe not the citie, the watchman waketh in vayne.
[Is] it is a vayne thing for you that ye make haste to ryse vp early, that ye make delayes to take rest, eatyng the bread of sorowes: euen so he geueth sleepe to his welbeloued.
Beholde, chyldren be the inheritage of God: and the fruite of the wombe is a rewarde.
Like as arrowes be in the hande of the strong: euen so are the chyldren of youth.
Happy is the man that hath filled his quiuer with them: they shall not be ashamed when they speake with their enemies in the gate.