[To the chiefe musition,
a Psalme of Dauid.]
Howe long wylt thou forget me O God, for euer?
howe long wilt thou hyde thy face from me?
Howe long shall I seke counsayle in my soule, and be so vexed in mine heart euery day?
howe long shall myne enemie triumph ouer me?
Loke downe and heare me O God my Lorde: lighten myne eyes, lest that I sleepe in death.
Lest myne enemie say, I haue preuayled agaynst hym: lest they that trouble me reioyce yf I shoulde be remoued.
But I repose my trust in thy mercie, and my heart is ioyfull in thy saluation:
I wyll syng to God, because he hath rewarded me.