[Of Dauid.]
I wyll geue thankes vnto thee O God with my whole heart: I wyll sing psalmes vnto thee before the gods.
I wyll make my lowe obeysaunce towarde thy holy temple: and I wyll prayse thy holy name in respect of thy louing kindnesse and trueth.
For thou hast magnified thy name: and thy worde aboue all thinges.
In the day [of myne aduersitie] I called vpon thee, and thou heardest me: thou enduedst my soule more and more with strength.
All the kinges of the earth will prayse thee O God: for they haue hearde the wordes of thy mouth.
Yea they wyll sing of the wayes of God: for great is the glory of God.
For though God be on high: yet he will haue respect vnto the lowly, and he wyll knowe the proude a farre of.
If I shall walke in the midst of trouble, thou wylt make me to liue: thou wylt stretche foorth thyne hande vpon the furiousnes of mine enemies, and thy right hande shall saue me.
God wyll finishe that he hath begun by me: O God thy louing kindnesse endureth for euer, thou wylt not forsake the workes of thyne owne handes.