[A Psalme of Dauid.]
O God I call vpon thee, haste thee vnto me: geue eare vnto my voyce whylest I crye vnto thee.
Let my prayer be directed before thy face [as] an incense: let the liftyng vp of mine handes [be] an euenyng sacrifice.
Set a watch O God before my mouth: and kepe the doore of my lippes.
Inclyne not myne heart to any euyll thyng, wherby I myght commit any vngodly act with men that be workers of iniquitie: and let me not eate of their delicates.
I wishe that the ryghteous woulde smite me and reproue me: for it is louing kyndnesse.
But let not pretious baulmes breake mine head: for as yet euen my prayer is agaynst their wickednesse.
Let their iudges be thrust downe headlong from a rocke: then they wyll heare my wordes, for they be sweete.
Our bones lye scattered vpon the graues mouth: lyke as when one breaketh and heweth [wood] vpon the earth.
For mine eyes loke vnto thee O God the Lorde: in thee is my trust, cast not my soule out [of me.]
Kepe me from the snare which they haue layde foorth for me: and from the trappes of them that be workers of iniquitie.
Let the vngodly fall together into their owne nettes: but let me in the meane season alwayes escape [them.]