[The wise instruction of Dauid,
a prayer when he was in the caue.]
I cryed vnto God with my voyce: euen vnto God I dyd make my supplication.
I powred out before his face my cogitations: and I made a declaration of my trouble before his face.
When my spirite was ouerwhelmed within me, thou knewest my path: in the way wherein I walked they haue priuily layde a snare for me.
When I loked vpon my ryght hande and sawe [rounde about me] there was no man that woulde knowe me: I had no place to flee vnto, and no man cared for my soule.
I cryed vnto thee O God, and sayde: thou art my hope and my portion in the lande of the lyuyng.
Consider my complaynt, for I am brought very lowe: deliuer me from my persecutours, for they are to strong for me.
Bryng my soule out of prison, that I may prayse thy name: the ryghteous shal compasse me rounde about, because thou hast [thus] rewarded me.