[A Psalme of Dauid.]
Heare my prayer O God, geue eare vnto my desire: hearken vnto me for thy trueth sake, for thy ryghteousnesse sake.
And enter not into iudgement with thy seruaunt: for in thy syght no man lyuyng can be iustified.
For the enemie hath persecuted my soule, he hath smitten my lyfe downe to the grounde: he hath layde me in darknesse as men that haue ben long dead.
And my spirite is ouerwhelmed within me: and my heart is desolate in the midst of me.
I call to remembraunce the tyme long past: I muse vpon euery act of thine, I exercise my study on the worke of thy handes.
I stretche foorth myne handes vnto thee: my soule as a thirstie lande [gaspeth] vnto thee.
Make speede, hearken vnto me O God, my spirite waxeth faynt: hyde not thy face from me, for I am lyke vnto them that go downe into the pyt.
Cause me to heare of thy louyng kindnesse betymes in the mornyng: for in thee is my trust.
Make me to knowe the way that I shoulde walke in: for I lyft vp my soule vnto thee.
Delyuer me O God from myne enemies: I hyde my selfe with thee.
Teache me to do the thyng that pleaseth thee, for thou art my Lorde: let thy good spirite leade me foorth vnto the lande of ryghteousnesse.
For thy names sake O God thou wilt cause me to lyue: and for thy righteousnesse sake thou wilt bryng my soule out of trouble.
And of thy goodnesse thou wylt restrayne myne enemies: and destroy all them that be aduersaries to my soule, for I am thy seruaunt.