[The golden psalme of Dauid.]
Preserue me O Lorde: for I haue reposed my trust in thee.
Thou hast sayde [O my soule] vnto God, thou art my Lorde: my weldoing [can do] thee no good.
But all my delyght is [to do good] vnto the saintes that are in the earth: and vnto such as excell in vertue.
As for them that runne [after] another [God] they shall haue great trouble: I wyll not offer their drynke offerynges of blood, neither wyll I make mention of their names within my lyppes.
O God, thou thy selfe art the portion of myne inheritaunce and of my cup: thou wylt mayntayne my lot.
My lot is fallen vnto me in a pleasaut [grounde:] I [haue] a goodly heritage.
I wyll prayse God who gaue me counsayle: my reines also do instruct me in the nyght season.
I haue set God alwayes before me: for he is on my ryght hande, [therfore] I shall not be remoued.
Wherfore my heart is glad: my glory reioyceth, my fleshe also shall rest in a securitie.
For thou wylt not leaue my soule in hell: neither wylt thou suffer thyne holy one to see corruption.
Thou wylt cause me to knowe the path of lyfe: in thy presence is the fulnesse of ioy, and at thy right hand there be pleasures for euermore.