[A prayer of Dauid.]
Heare thou O God of iustice, be attentiue vnto my complaynt: geue eare vnto my prayer, not [proceeding] out of fayned lyppes.
Let iudgement come foorth for me from thy face: and let thine eyes loke vpon equitie.
Thou hast proued myne heart, thou hast visited [it] in the nyght season: thou hast tryed me, and founde no [wickednesse, for] I purposed that nothyng shoulde scape my mouth.
As touchyng [other] mens workes: through the wordes of thy lyppes I haue kept me from the way of the violent.
O holde thou vp my goynges in thy pathes: that my footesteppes slyp not.
I call vpon thee O God, for thou wilt heare me: incline thine eare to me, hearken vnto my wordes.
Shewe thy marueylous louyng kindnesse: thou that art the sauiour of them that trust in thee, from such as ryse vp agaynst thy ryght hande.
Kepe me as the apple of an eye, hyde me vnder the shadowe of thy wynges: from the face of the vngodly that go about to destroy me, [from] myne enemies that compasse me rounde about to take away my soule.
They haue inclosed [them selues] in their owne fat: with their mouth they speake proude thynges.
They haue nowe compassed me on euery syde [where] our way [lyeth]: they toote with their eyes to ouerthrow [me] downe on the grounde.
His [doynges] be lyke a lions that is greedy to take a pray: and as a lions whelpe lurkyng in secrete places.
Aryse O God, preuent his commyng, make hym to bowe: delyuer thou my soule from the vngodly [which is] thy sworde.
[Deliuer thou] me O God from men [which be] thy hande: from men, from the worlde, whose portion [is] in this lyfe, whose bellyes thou fyllest with thy priuie [treasure].
Whose children haue aboundaunce: & they leaue enough of that they haue remaynyng to their babes.
But as for me, I will beholde thy face in ryghteousnesse: I shalbe satisfied when I awake vp after thy lykenesse.