[To the chiefe musition of the mornyng hinde,
a psalme of Dauid.]
My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?
[why] art thou so farre from my health, and from the wordes of my complaynt?
O my God I crye all the day tyme, and in the night season, and I ceasse not: but thou hearest not.
And yet thou most holy: sittest to receaue the prayers of Israel.
Our fathers hoped in thee: they trusted in thee, & thou didst deliuer them.
They called vpon thee, and they were helped: they did put their trust in thee, and they were not confounded.
But as for me I am a worme and no man: a very scorne of men, and an outcast of the people.
All they that see me, laugh me to scorne: they do make a mowe, and nod their head [at me.]
[Saying] he referreth [all] to God, [loking that God] wyll deliuer him [and] rescue him: for he delighteth only in him.
But thou art he that tokest me out of my mothers wombe: thou causedst me to trust in thee, suckyng my mothers breastes.
I haue ben left vnto thee euer since I was borne: thou art my God euen from my mothers wombe.
O go not far fro me, for trouble is harde at hande: and there is none to helpe me.
Many oxen are come about me: fat [bulles] of Bashan close me in on euery syde.
They gape vpon me with their mouthes: as it were a rampyng and a roryng lion.
I am as [it were] into water resolued, and all my bones are out of ioynt: my heart also is like waxe melted in the middest of my bowels.
My strength is dried vp like a potsheard, & my tongue cleaueth to my gummes: and thou hast brought me into the dust of death.
For dogges are come about me, the assemble of the wicked lay siege agaynst me: they haue pearced my handes and my feete, I may tell all my bones.
I may tell all my bones.
They stande staring & gasing vpon me:
they part my garmentes among them, and they cast lottes vpon my vesture.
But be not thou farre from me O God: thou art my strength, make haste to helpe me.
Delyuer my soule from the sworde: and my dearlyng from the dogges pawes.
Saue me from the Lions mouth: delyuer me from the hornes of the Unicornes.
I wyll declare thy name vnto my brethren: I wyll prayse thee in the middest of the congregation.
[Saying] prayse ye God ye that feare hym: glorifie hym all ye of the seede of Iacob, and stande in awe of hym all ye of the seede of Israel.
For he hath not dispised nor abhorred the affliction of the poore: he hath not hyd his face from hym, but he hearde hym when he cryed vnto hym.
My prayse shalbe of thee in the great congregation: I wyll perfourme my vowes in the syght of them that feare hym.
The poore shall eate, and be satisfied: they that seeke after God shall prayse hym, your heart shall lyue for euer.
All the endes of the worlde shall remember them selues and be turned vnto God: and all the kinredes of the nations shall worshyp before thy face.
For the kingdome is Gods: and he is the gouernour ouer the nations.
All such as be fat vpon the earth shall eate and worshyp: all they that go downe [in] to the dust shall knele before hym, although he preserued not his owne lyfe.
The posteritie shall serue hym: they shalbe counted vnto the Lorde for a generation.
They wyll come and declare his righteousnesse vnto a people that shalbe borne: for he hath done it.