Vnto thee I crye O God my strength, make not as though thou were deafe at me: lest if thou holdest thy peace, I become like them that go downe into the graue.
Heare the voyce of my humble petitions when I crye vnto thee: when I holde vp my handes towarde thy holy place where thy arke is.
Take me not away with the vngodlye, and with the workers of iniquitie: whiche speake of peace to their neighbours, but mischiefe is in their heartes.
Rewarde them accordyng to their deedes: and according to the wickednes of their owne inuentions.
Recompence them after the worke of their handes: pay them home that they haue deserued.
For they geue not their minde to vnderstande the doynges of God and the worke of his handes: [therefore] he wyll breake them downe, and not buylde them vp.
Blessed be God: for he hath hearde the voyce of mine humble petitions.
God is my strength and my shielde, my heart hath trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart skippeth for ioy, and in my song I wyll prayse hym.
God is their strength: and the strength that saueth his annoynted.
O saue thy people, and geue thy blessing vnto thine inheritaunce: feede them and exalt them for euermore.