[A psalme whiche is a song of the dedication of the house of Dauid.]
I wyll exalt thee O God, for thou hast exalted me: and hast not made my foes to triumph ouer me.
O God my Lord I cryed vnto thee: and thou hast healed me.
Thou God hast raysed vp my soule from the graue: thou hast preserued my life from them that go downe into ye pit.
Sing psalmes vnto god ye his saintes: and make your confession vnto the remembraunce of his holynes.
For a litle short time [passeth] in his anger, a life is [spente] in his good wyll: at euening weeping shall begin the night, but ioy commeth in the morning.
And in my prosperitie I saide, I shall neuer haue a fal:
thou God of thy goodnes hadst made my hyll so strong.
[Neuerthelesse, when] thou dydst turne thy face, I was troubled: [then] I cryed vnto thee O God, then made I my humble prayers to thee my Lorde.
[Saying] what profite is there in my blood when I go downe to the pit?
shal the dust geue thankes vnto thee?
or shall it declare thy trueth?
Heare me O God, and haue mercy vppon me: O God be thou my helper.
[And foorthwith] thou hast turned my mourning into dauncing: thou hast put of my sackcloth, and gyrded me with gladnes.
Therfore my glory shal sing psalmes vnto thee and not ceasse: O God my Lorde I wyll prayse thee for euer.