[To the chiefe musition,
seruaunt to the God of Dauid.]
The wickednes of the vngodly speaketh in the middest of my heart: that there is no feare of the Lorde before his eyes.
For he flattereth him selfe in his owne sight: so that his iniquitie is found worthy of hatred.
The wordes of his mouth are vnrighteous and full of deceipt: he hath left of to behaue him selfe wisely & to do good.
He imagineth mischiefe vpon his bed, & setteth him selfe in no good way: neither doth he abhorre any thing yt is euil.
Thy mercy O God reacheth vnto heauen: [and] thy faythfulnes vnto the cloudes.
Thy righteousnes is like the mountaynes of God: thy iudgementes are a great deapth, thou sauest both man and beast O God.
How excellent is thy mercy O Lord: therefore the chyldren of men shall put their trust vnder the shadowe of thy winges.
They shalbe satisfied with the plenteousnesse of thy house: and thou shalt geue them drinke out of the riuer of thy delicates.
For with thee is the fountaine of lyfe: and in thy light shall we see light.
O continue foorth thy louing kindnesse vnto them that knowe thee: and thy righteousnes vnto them that are of an vpright heart.
O let not the foote of pryde reache vnto me: and let not the hande of the vngodly make me to moue [out of my place]
There be the workers of iniquitie fallen: they are cast downe, and shall not be able to rise vp.