Iudge me O Lorde, and debate my cause with an vnnaturall people: oh delyuer me from the deceiptfull and wicked man.
For thou art the Lord of my strength: why hast thou reiect me, and why go I thus heauyly through the oppression of myne enemie.
Sende foorth thy light and thy trueth: that they may leade me and direct me vnto thy holy hyll, & to thy tabernacles.
And I wyll go vnto the aulter of the Lorde, euen vnto the Lorde of my ioy & gladnesse: and vpon the harpe I will acknowledge thee O Lorde my Lord.
Why art thou so discouraged O my soule, & why art thou so vnquiet within me?
attende thou vpon the Lorde, for I wyll yet acknowledge hym [to be] only my present saluation, & my Lorde.