[To the chiefe musition (on the instrument) Sosannim
(to be song of the) children of Corach.

A song of loue,
geuyng wise instructions.]
My heart is endityng of a good matter: I wyll dedicate my workes vnto the king, my tongue is as the penne of a redy writer.
Thou art fayrer then the children of men, full of grace are thy lippes: because the Lorde hath blessed thee for euer.
Girde thee with thy sworde vpon thy thygh O thou most mightie: [that is] with thy glorie and thy maiestie.
Prosper thou with thy maiestie, ryde on the worde of trueth and of affliction for ryghteousnesse sake: and thy ryght hande shall teache thee terrible thynges.
Thyne arrowes are sharpe: a people the kynges enemies shall submit in heart them selues vnto thee.
Thy throne O Lorde endureth for euer and euer: the scepter of ryghteousnesse is the scepter of thy kyngdome.
Thou hast loued iustice and hated vngodlynesse: wherfore the Lorde euen thy Lorde hath annoynted thee with the oyle of gladnesse more then thy felowes.
All thy garmentes smell of Myrre, Aloes, and Cassia, out of the iuorie palaces: wherby they haue made thee glad.
Kynges daughters are amongst thy honourable women: vpon thy ryght hande standeth the queene in a vesture of golde of Ophir.
Hearken O daughter and consider, encline thine eare: forget also thine owne people and thy fathers house.
So shall the kyng haue pleasure in thy beautie: for he is thy Lorde, and worship thou hym.
And the daughter of Tyre shall come with a present: the riche among the people shall make their earnest prayer before thee.
The kynges daughter is all glorious within: her clothyng is of wrought golde.
She shalbe brought vnto the kyng in rayment of needle worke: the virgins that folowe her and her company shalbe brought vnto thee.
With ioy and gladnesse shall they be brought: [and] shal enter into the kinges palace.
In steade of thy fathers, thou shalt haue children: whom thou mayst make princes in all landes.
I wyll remember thy name from one generation vnto another: therfore shall the people prayse thee worlde without ende.