[To the chiefe musition vpon Nehiloth,
a psalme of Dauid.]
Geue eare vnto my wordes O God: vnderstande thou my pensifnesse.
Hearken thou vnto the voyce of my crying my kyng and my Lorde: for vnto thee I wyll make my prayer.
Thou shalt heare my voyce betymes O God: I wyll early in the morning direct [a prayer] vnto thee, and I wyll looke [for helpe from thee.]
For thou art the Lorde that hath no pleasure in wickednesse: neither can any euyll dwell with thee.
Suche as be foolishe, can not stande in thy sight: thou hatest all workers of iniquitie.
Thou wilt destroy them that make a lye: God wyll abhorre both the bloodthirstie and deceiptfull man.
As for me I wyll come into thyne house, [trusting] in the multitude of thy mercy: and in thy feare I will humble my selfe in thyne holy temple.
Leade me O God in thy righteousnesse, because of myne enemies: make thy way playne before my face.
For no trueth is in their mouth, their inwarde partes are very wickednesse: their throte is an open sepulchre, they flatter with their tongue.
Destroy thou them O Lord, let them perishe through their owne counsailes: cast them out in the multitude of their vngodlinesse, for they haue rebelled against thee.
And all they that trust in thee wyll reioyce, they wyll triumph for euer, because thou defendest them: and they that loue thy name, wyll be ioyfull in thee.
For thou O God wylt blesse the righteous: and thou wylt compasse hym about with beneuolence, as with a shielde.