[To the chiefe musition,
destroy not,
a golden psalme of Dauid,
when Saul sent,
and they did watch the house to kill him.]
Deliuer me from myne enemies O Lorde: defende me fro them that rise vp against me.
Deliuer me from the workers of iniquitie: and saue me from the blood thirstie men.
For lo, they lye in wayte for my soule: men of power are gathered together against me who haue committed no wickednes nor fault O God.
When no fault is done, they runne and set them selues in order: arise to meete me and beholde.
And thou O God Lorde of hoastes, Lorde of Israel: awake to visite all Heathen, and be not mercifull vnto all them that offend of malice.
They go to and from at euening: they barke lyke a dogge, and runne about through the citie.
Behold they speake with their mouth, swordes are in their lippes: for [say they] who doth heare [vs?]
But thou O God wylt haue them in derision: thou wylt laugh all Heathen to scorne.
I wyl reserue his strength for thee: for thou O Lorde art my refuge.
My mercifull Lord wyll preuent me: the Lord will let me see [my desire] vpon mine enemies.
Slay them not, lest my people forget it: but in thy stoutnes scatter them like vagaboundes, and put them downe O God our defence.
The wordes of their lippes [be] the sinne of their mouth: O let them be taken in their pryde, for they speake nothing but curses and lies.
Consume them in thy wrath, consume them that nothing of them remayne: and let them knowe that it is the Lord that ruleth in Iacob, & vnto the endes of the worlde.
And let them gad vp and downe at euening: let them barke lyke a dogge, and go about the citie.
Let them runne here and there for meate: and go to bed if they be not satisfied.
As for me I wyll sing of thy power, and wyll prayse thy louing kindnes betimes in the morning: for thou hast ben my defence and refuge in the day of my trouble.
Unto thee O my strength will I sing psalmes: for thou O Lorde art my refuge, and my mercyfull Lorde.